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Date: 2009/4/16
Subject: carta CUT para COSATU
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São Paulo, April 15th, 2009.

*To comrade Zwelinzima Vavi*

*General Secretary of COSATU*

Dear Comrade, ,

The CUT has followed very closely the discussions before the next 
meeting of the International Council of the World Social Forum, 
especially the questions about the local to realize this meeting, city 
of Rabat in Morocco. .
We want to express our solidarity to the Saharan people, that to fight 
for their independence has suffered various human rights violations, 
which can not be extended. We hope that the Saharans as all men and 
women can live and live together the fullness of their rights and 
freedoms guaranteed. .
We believe in the power of dialogue as a way to look at all clear on the 
situation of the Saharan people, located in the space of the World 
Social Forum, a way to expand the voices of all who fight for 
self-determination of the peoples on the world. .
We affirm our understanding of COSATU's position, as our partner of long 
standing, a position that it already has the merit of provoking a 
fruitful internal debate in the International Council and certainly 
contributes to the adoption of criteria for defining the places of 
assembly, more refined with the principles of the WSF; debate that we 
will be taking forward within the IC. .
Given the lateness of time, and the fact the place is a definition of 
CI, so only other CI could promote changes, we believe that the best way 
to address this issue is the internal debate of the IC. In this sense we 
understand the position of COSATU, but we believe that the completion of 
the discussion on the place of implementation of CI and the next WSF in 
2011 will be impaired without the presence of companions and companions 
of COSATU. .

In solidarity!

*João Antonio Felício*

*Secretário de Relações Internacionais*


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