[WSF-Discuss] KCTU letter on COSATU-WSF Issue

peter waterman p.waterman at inter.nl.net
Fri Apr 17 01:50:34 CDT 2009

April 8, 2009

Dear Bro. Zwelinzima Vavi <http://www.cosatu.org.za/leadezava.htm>

* *

*Re : Condolences and WSF IC meeting in Moroco*

I would like to send you sincere fraternal greetings from KCTU. At the 
same time, I have to say that I was shocked to hear the tragic news that 
the late Deputy President, Sis. Violet Seboni passed away by car 
accident on April 3^rd . I wish to express the deepest condolences on 
behalf of KCTU to the COSATU comrades and her families.

I am writing to you to share KCTU views around the issue of World Social 
Forum International Council meeting supposed to be held from May 6^th to 
9^th , in Rabat, Moroco.

First of all, I would like to express that KCTU respects and understands 
COSATU¡¯s position on the issue of WSF IC meeting in Moroco. We 
recognize that there exists serious oppression and human rights 
violation in Western Sahara by the government of Moroco. KCTU believes 
that world social movements and trade union movements should firmly 
stand in with the oppressed including Western Saharan people. At the 
same time, we also agree with the suggested point by you that the 
guidelines for the venue of WSF related events should be discussed in 
the IC meeting so as to avoid adverse effect of a certain WSF event. In 
this regard, I would like to emphasize that the discussion should be 
launched in the forthcoming IC meeting with full consideration of 
negative as well as positive effect of future proposed venues. Lastly we 
would also like to point out that the WSF process should be developed 
based on mass movements and the spirit of globalization of resistance, 
not on the fund-raisers.

I am sure that we can raise and discuss the above-mentioned issues in 
the IC meeting in Moroco and hopefully get some positive results and 
progress. Therefore I am kindly asking you to consider sending your 
representative to IC meeting in Moroco. Surely we can work together in 
the IC meeting so as to make the WSF process move forward. Again, I 
would like to emphasize that your presence in the IC meeting would be 
significantly critical for the progress of WSF process.

Lastly, please feel free to give me any advices or suggestions on this 
issue. KCTU is ready to hear any advices or suggestions and have a 
sincere dialogue with you to find a reasonable solution.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In Solidarity,

Lim Sung-Kyu



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