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Sunday, 11 April 2010

As I’m sure you already know, the USSF (US Social Forum) is coming up  
next month, June 22-26 2010 in Detroit.  Many people said that the  
last one was very special in terms of the renewal of politics, even in  
relation to the extraordinary history of the WSF process; some at  
looking forward to this next one being even more so.

We apologise from CACIM for not feeding you more information on this  
event and process so far, but we hope to do better over this next  
while.  In the meanwhile, check out its website, http://www.ussf2010.org/ 
, and here’s a report on preparations from one part of the US.

But also one question, asked from a distance : How are the organisers  
of the USSF (and organisers of self-organised events within the USSF)  
and the organisers of the anti-g20 actions that are going to take  
place in Toronto during the g20 “summit” there during June 23-27th ?   
(For instance, http://g20.torontomobilize.org/.)  And where they have  
planned to have “Themed Days of Resistance, such as the Indigenous Day  
of Action on June 24 – on which we posted information on this list,  
some days back ?

Surely there’s huge overlap of interest – and especially since Detroit  
and Toronto are, relatively speaking, so close to each other ?  Does  
anyone have any information on this ?  Would it not be good to do some  
together – even ‘twinned’ ?

(And here’s also an appeal, to those on this list : Please do post  
information on this list that you have, on the USSF and on the Toronto  
actions – and for that matter on the ESF and on all other such social  
forum or independent events and processes !)


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> Subject: [social-movements] USSF and PPEHRC March to USSF on Radio  
> this weekend
> U.S. Social Forum and PPEHRC's March to Fulfill the Dream from New  
> Orleans to the U.S. Social Forum featured on popular US radio  
> program and online starting today:
> Cheri Honkala and Khalilah Collins of PPEHRC and the USSF Poverty  
> Working Group were interviewed by Tavis Smiley about the U.S. Social  
> Forum and the March to Fulfill the Dream from New Orleans to the US  
> Social Forum. The march/caravan began on April 4th and will conclude  
> in Detroit at the U.S. Social Forum in June.
> Link to the program here:
> http://www.tavissmileyradio.com/guests10/040910/CheriHonkala_KhalilahCollins.html
> For more on the march and efforts to organize the poor in the USSF  
> from New Orleans to Detroit, see www.economichumanrights.org.

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