[WSF-Discuss] Transition from Consumerism to Sustainability

Luis Gutierrez LTG214B at verizon.net
Mon Apr 12 04:16:39 CDT 2010

The only way to attain the transition from consumerism to sustainability
is for "homo economicus" to become "homo ecologicus" ...

The April 2010 issue reviews a "National Sustainable Development
Framework" and how national strategies can contribute, but not replace,
a global strategy. This is the link to the front page:

Pelican Web's Journal of Sustainable Development V6 N4 April 2010

It includes 2 supplements (Advances in Sustainable Development and
Directory of Online Resources on Sustainable Development) and 5 invited
articles. Page 1 has navigation links to all pages of the current issue
as well as other Pelican Web content.


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