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"Dorothea Härlin" dorotheahaerlin at gmx.de
Mon Mar 7 12:51:50 CST 2011

Dear friends and colleagues,

the independent news magazine Kontext TV, supported by Noam Chomsky and others, was at the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal, (february 6-11) and has produced a series of broadcasts on the occasion of the Forum's 10th anniversary. The first programme is now online in English and German versions under www.kontext-tv.de.

The programme reports about some of the key issues at the Forum such as the impacts of the revolutions in North Africa, the formation of a worldwide movement for climate justice and land grabbing. 
It also looks back to the origins of the Forum, to its current challenges and future perspectives.

Our guests include:
Samir Amin (Third World Forum, Dakar)
Nnimmo Bassey (Chair of Friends of the Earth International, Nigeria, and winner of the "Right Livelihood Award")
Nicola Bullard (Focus on the Global South, Bangkok)
Susan George (Transnational Institute/Attac France)
Wangui Mbatia (People's Parliament, Nairobi)
Pat Mooney (ETC Group, Canada, winner of the "Right Livelihood Awards")
Jai Sen (CACIM, New Delhi)
Immanuel Wallerstein (Yale University, USA)
Chico Whitacker (one of the founders of the WSF, Sao Paulo, and winner of the "Right Livelihood Award") 
and many others.

Another broadcast focussing on Africa is going to follow next week. It reports more extensively on root causes of poverty, land grabbing, the impacts of free trade policies and the economic and political backgrounds of North African revolutions, especially with regard to the role of Western governments and the IMF.

Additionally, Kontext TV will publish the following extensive interviews in the coming weeks:
- Pat Mooney on the dangers of geo engineering, nano technology und synthetic biology
- Nnimmo Bassey on the crimes of Shell in the Niger delta, on climate change and a necessary exit from the fossil age
- Immanuel Wallerstein on the crisis of capitalism
- Wangui Mbatia  on the People's Parliament and the fight against "earth grab" in Kenia

There will be English and German transcripts of the programme on our website.

Please spread the news and link the programme on your website. 
The broadcast can also be integrated in other sites by "embedded code".

It is also free for non-commercial radio and television stations to broadcast. 

Best wishes

Fabian Scheidler
Kontext TV
Brandenburgische Str. 25
12167 Berlin, Germany
Ph: ++49-(0)30-79 78 63 50


Dorothea Haerlin
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D 10967 Berlin
T.: 0049+30+ 6936515 / 0162 8941584
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