[WSF-Discuss] A monthly panel to address critical planetarian issues of our times?

Azril Bacal bazril1 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 09:09:48 CDT 2011

Dear Egil and Stina,
Thank you for your kind answer.
Glad to know that Daniel told you about our agreable conversation.
Let us meet and converse about this proposal personally, maybe together with
Gabriel, the president of the student union, as we conversed with him and
also with the coordinator of international students, about this joint
project prior to our conversation with Daniel. Both of them expressed
interest in this joint venture with Uppsala Social Forum.
Unfortunately, the premises of the DHF are not available as we expected.
We need to find an atmosphere adequate for this aim, not too big nor too
Maybe we could use Café Mumbrik in Kungsgatan.
April 4th sounds good to me.
The first topic we considered is "The Right to Information" - dealing for
instance with the lack of cover of the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal,
during first week in February, in contrast to the extensive cover of the
World Economic Forum in Davos.
>From a plural and democratic perspective on media, we thought of inviting
the local media, a teacher/researcher in the realm of journalism (hopefully,
Göran Svensson) and a "critical" voice: mine [?]
We would need first to locate a proper place and then fix a convenient time
for our intended audience.
Other tentative topics:

Diverse views on the safety of nuclear energy?
Renewable Energy Sources
Climate Change
A militarized globalization?
How to account for - and what to do about ethnic intolerance in the EU?
"Small Acts that mean a lot": with 89 years-young and Holocaust Surviver
Hilde Back from Västerås
Cooperation and Competion in a historical/paleontological perspective
Culture of Violence and Cultures of Peace
Democratizing Democracy?
"Contemporary alternative life styles"
Ecology, Spirituality and Ethics
- and so on.

Let us phone each other after 16.00 today.
Home number:018-553059
Cordially yours
Azril Bacal

On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 1:25 PM, Programme Secretary ~ Uppsala Association
of International Affairs <program at ufuppsala.se> wrote:

> Dear Azril,
> Thank you for inviting us to this interesting collaboration! Daniel told me
> about your conversation, but It would be great to speak to you personally
> about how this would work. Preliminary dates that's free for the first
> session could be the 4th of april. Lets talk, please call me at the number
> below,
> Best regards,
> Egil Martinsson
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> Utrikespolitiska föreningen i Uppsala
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> Uppsala Association of International Affairs
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> Stina Bergman +46 (0)70-88 45 477
> program at ufuppsala.se
> www.ufuppsala.se
> 2011/3/15 Ordförande - Utrikespolitiska föreningen i Uppsala <
> ordforande at ufuppsala.se>
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>> **Utrikespolitiska föreningen i Uppsala
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>> From: Henning Melber <henning.melber at dhf.uu.se>
>> Date: 2011/3/15
>> Subject: Re: A monthly panel to address planetarian issues?
>> To: Azril Bacal <bazril1 at gmail.com>
>> Cc: ordf at us.uu.se, ordforande at ufuppsala.se, Anisur Rahman <
>> anisbangla at yahoo.com>, Terry Carlbom <terry at carlbom.info>, Eugene
>> Schoulgin <eugeneschoulgin at yahoo.se>, Larsmo Ola <ola at larsmo.se>
>> Dear Azril,
>> many thanks for considering us as a potential partner in such a project.
>> Unfortunately, our work plan for the near future, especially during this
>> commemorative year, is so tight that we cannot at this stage add any further
>> commitments. We already have an established collaboration with UF, which we
>> plan to continue, and having another parallel activity on such short notice
>> will take too much time and energy. We also run the secretariat with a staff
>> of four, and my colleagues are already working more than they should (and
>> are paid for). I simply cannot justify to add to their work load.
>> I trust that you can implement this good initiative also without our
>> direcvt involvement.
>> With best wishes
>> Henning
>> -------
>> Henning Melber (Executive Director)
>> The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation
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>> Dag Hammarskjöld
>> On Mar 15, 2011, at 5:02 PM, Azril Bacal wrote:
>> > Dear Henning,
>> >
>> > With full respect and understanding for your busy agenda, do not wish
>> that a preliminary agreement about a monthly evening panel about critical
>> issues of our times, hopefully to take place at the inviting headquarters of
>> the DHF, jointly organized by the Uppsala Social Forum (USF), the Student
>> Union at Uppsala University, the Student Office of International Students
>> and the Uppsala Association of International Affairs at Uppsala University,
>> gets "too cold" while waiting for us to meet personally.
>> >
>> > Addtionally, we would like to have you or somebody entrusted by the DHF
>> to moderate such panels.
>> >
>> > The topic we would like to address first is "The Right to Information,"
>> the first or second week in April 2011, inviting as panelists
>> representatives of the local media, from the program of journalism (prel.
>> Göran Svensson) - and myself from USF.
>> >
>> > At our first working meeting, we would present you with a tentative list
>> of topics to be addressed during the monthly panels in May and June 2011,
>> open to your own valuable suggestions.
>> >
>> > Hoping to hear from you ASP.
>> >
>> > Cordially yours
>> > Azril Bacal
>> > USF
>> >
>> >
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