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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Some information and news on what is happening in today’s times of  
upsurge, in a part of the world of authoritarian regimes that we –  
here in India, at least - have heard less about : Iraq.


(PS : And, lest we forget, in the midst of all else that is going on :  
Holi Mubarak (‘Holi Greetings’) to all, from the land of Holi !  (Holi  
is the legendary and ancient, pre-everything festival of colours,  
celebrated across much of South Asia, and everywhere where the South  
Asian diaspora now is.)


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> Subject: Eight Years in Iraq and Pushing Back!
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> Iraq: Eight Years On
> March 19th, 2011 marks eight years since the United States led a  
> devastating military and economic invasion of Iraq. Over a million  
> Iraqi civilan, and nearly 5,000 US solider deaths later, Iraq is now  
> festooned with milatary bases and faces an aggresive campaign to  
> privatize its natural resources and national industries. This is in  
> addition to an essentially nonfunctional and repressive "government"  
> installed by the United States and regional forces, and that often  
> does not provide basic serives - such as eletricity and clean water  
> - to its citizens.
> Iraqis though - mainly the young and unemployed - have been swept up  
> in the democractic wave blasting through the Middle East, and have  
> begun fighting back.
> Defying Iraq's Police State
> Yesterday the 18th, was called 'Friday of the Imprisoned' by various  
> Iraqi facebook pages, which led to several thousands of protesters  
> marching in Baghdad, Ramadi, Falluja, and other cities. This was  
> amidst extreme state security measures, check points (centered  
> especially around the Green Zone) and the use of sound bombs, tear  
> gas, and sometimes live ammunition to break up the demonstrations.  
> The call for a focus on prisons came partially in response to a  
> prison riot that took place in Tikrit on March 13th. Also though,  
> many of the protest organizers from the past several Fridays (the  
> day demos have been held regularly since February 18th) have been  
> locked up, in addition to the fact that Iraq has had a soaring  
> prison population since 2007. Chants heard during marches were 'Free  
> Government Prisoners!' and also included 'Improve Social Services!'  
> and even 'Bring down Maliki's Government!' and 'Leave, Leave  
> Occupier!'
> Labor Solidarity from Iraq to Wisconsin
> Back in the U.S., people have been fighting the government attacks  
> on collective bargaining and labor rights over the past few weeks in  
> key states like Wisconsin and Michigan. In a powerful show of  
> solidarity, two Iraqi labor union leaders wrote letters of support  
> for the ongoing people's movement in Wisconsin, which WRL organizer  
> Ali Issa translated and released on the WRL blog late last week.  
> These labor leaders, Hassan Jum’a and Faleh Abood, are facing  
> intense repression from their government for their organizing. To  
> us, it is clear that the U.S. government corruption and corporate  
> greed that is  attempting to strike down the U.S. labor movement is  
> the same corruption and greed that belied the U.S. invasion of Iraq  
> in 2003, as well as the ongoing occupation of Iraq and the attempts  
> at a corporate takeover of the Iraqi oil industry.
> March 19: National Day of Action
> Commeorating the tragic day this all began, as well as the  
> continuing wars  in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the War Resisters  
> League and people throughout the US are holding demonstrations  
> demanding peace! Check out our actions in Portland, OR, NYC and DC.  
> Elsewhere you can find a demonstration in your city or organize your  
> own rally.
> Veterans for Peace is calling for increased nonviolent civil  
> resistance and  are gathering for action at the White House on the  
> 19th. Check out stopthesewars.org and the VFP website  for more  
> information.
> Early April Mobilizations
> Looking past March, on April 8th, antimilitarist activists from all  
> over the U.S. will converge on the Pentagon during a time of  
> increasing international focus on the environmental and human costs  
> of corporate greed to call out one of the largest culprits of  
> environmental devastation and violent takeover of people's  
> sovereignty across the globe--the U.S. military. We will come  
> together for a nonviolent civil resistance action on April 8th and  
> will be meeting on April 7th for nonviolence training and planning  
> in affinity groups. For more information about April 8th, contact  
> Joy First at joyfirst5 at gmail.com or kimber at warresisters.org.
> On April 9th and 10th, War Resisters League will join partner  
> organizations, including WESPAC and Brandywine Peace Community, for  
> mass mobilizations led by members of the United National Antiwar  
> Committee in New York City and Los Angeles against ongoing U.S. led  
> and backed wars and occupations. In NYC, we will march with banners  
> pointing to the 48% of our tax dollars that will be used this year  
> to support the ongoing U.S. military occupation of Iraq and  
> Afghanistan and the maintenance of the 800+ U.S. military  
> installations throughout the world, along with the militarization of  
> our borders and communities within the U.S. For more info, contact ali at warresisters.org 
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