[WSF-Discuss] Kontext TV: Scramble for Africa: Revolutions, Interventions, Land Grabbing, Agrofuels and Free Trade

Fabian Scheidler fabian.scheidler at kontext-tv.de
Mon Mar 28 11:47:12 CDT 2011

Dear friends and colleagues, 

the independent newscast Kontext TV (Berlin/Germany), supported by Noam Chomsky and others, has just released a new one-hour broadcast with interviews from the WSF in Dakar:  "Scramble for Africa: Revolutions, Interventions, Land Grabbing and Free Trade" in English and German versions.
You'll find the video on our website:http://www.kontext-tv.de/node/79. 

The broadcast reports about:

The economic backgrounds of the revolutions in North Africa, the role of the International Monetary Fund and hidden agendas behind the military intervention in Libya, with:
- Samir Amin (Third World Forum, Cairo/Dakar)
- Michel Chossudovsky (Author of "Globalization of Poverty", Centre for Research on Globalization, Canada)
- Mamdouh Habashi (International Forum for Alternatives, Cairo)
(go to: http://www.kontext-tv.de/node/80)

About new colonialism, debt crisis and the root causes of impoverishment in sub-Saharan Africa with: 
- Nnimmo Bassey (Chair of Friends of the Earth International, Nigeria, and winner of the Right Livelihood Award)
- Wangui Mbatia (People's Parliament, Nairobi)
- Eric Toussaint (Commitee for the Cancellation of Third World Debts, CADTM, Belgium) 
- Immanuel Wallerstein (Yale University, USA)
(go to: http://www.kontext-tv.de/node/81)

About the correlation of land grabbing, hunger and agrofuels with: 
- Evelyn Bahn (Inkota Network) 
- Ibrahim Coulibaly (La Via Campesina / Coordination Nationale des Organisations Paysannes du Mail)
and others
(go to: http://www.kontext-tv.de/node/82)

And about the impacts of the European Free Trade Policy on Africa with:
- Nicola Bullard (Focus on the Global South, Bangkok)
and others.
(go to: http://www.kontext-tv.de/node/83)

Additionally, Kontext TV is going publish the following extensive interviews in the coming weeks: 
- Pat Mooney on the dangers of geo engineering, nano technology und synthetic biology 
- Nnimmo Bassey on the crimes of Shell in the Niger delta, on climate change and a necessary exit from the fossil age 
- Immanuel Wallerstein on the crisis of capitalism 
- Wangui Mbatia  on the People's Parliament and the fight against "earth grab" in Kenia 

There will be English and German transcripts of the broadcasts on our website www.kontext-tv.de. 

Please spread the news and link the program on your website. Web banners can be downloaded here:
The broadcast can also be integrated on other sites by "embedded code". 

It is also free for non-commercial radio and television stations to broadcast. 

Kontext TV is also present at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kontext-TV/144195032269207?v=wall 
If you do not want to receive news about Kontext TV any more, please write to info at kontext-tv.de, subject: unsuscribe.

With best wishes, 

Fabian Scheidler

Fabian Scheidler
Kontext TV
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Ph: ++49-(0)30-79 78 63 50

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