[WSF-Discuss] G20 counter-summit and protest preps (Brisbane, mid-November)

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Thu May 1 23:18:58 CDT 2014

(Here's where to keep an eye on the comrades: 
https://www.facebook.com/OccupyG20Brisbane ... I'm told that the local 
organisers anticipate a strong focus on indigenous sovereignty, climate 
and economic justice... maybe the globo-geopolitical scene will have 
tensed up so much that, like the G7 in a few weeks' time, this could be 
a G19 if Putin's booted, and then BRICS has said it'll scram)

G20 gatherings 'to rival Commonwealth Games protests'
on April 04, 2014
By Warren Barnsley

The Brisbane Treaty Collective says they're hoping a gathering to be 
held in the city during the G20 summit will rival the Commonwealth Games 
protest in terms of significance.

Spokesperson Boe Spearim /(pictured)/ says they're hoping to bring 
worldwide attention to the issues of First Nations Australians during 
the meeting of international delegates in November.

Mr. Spearim says the gathering will bring together Indigenous rights 
advocates from across the country.

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