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Dear Friends,
   Please pay serious attention to this appeal


      *Most crucial election of Nation: Appeal to BSP, SP&CPM; Banaras



                                               I am in a state of anxiety
since many days, may continue till 16th or little beyond, when the destiny
of the nation would have become clear. There is one day left for last and
symbolically most crucial stage of elections. On 12th May the last polling
will be held, but the eyes of whole world are focused at Varanasi or
Banaras in popular parlance, where Narender Modi-the BJP Prime Ministerial
candidate is thundering as if nobody can question his ‘right’ to ‘win’ from
any place he likes, so from Banaras! Had I been able to be in Banaras,
which I really wished to be, I could have shed lot of sweat in running
around, even be hit by BJP goons, but I am sitting at home and on computer
trying to play my role to impress upon the voters and political
leadership’s mind through my perception of Indian social situation through
social media and other forms of modern communication system!

                           As far as memory goes back, it is third very
interesting election since 1952’s first election of Independent India. In
1967 elections, first time ruling Congress party lost elections in eight
major states of India and the phase of coalition governments began. Prior
to that Congress party did lose in Kerala in 1957, when first non-Congress
government led by Communist party in the leadership of EMS Namboodripad
took reins of government. But it was dismissed only after two years in
1959, at the behest of Indira Gandhi, probably then Congress President. Pt.
Jawaharlal Nehru, the democratic considered Prime Minister did not bother
about the niceties of democratic system. The misuse of article 356 of the
constitution became a major issue and continued till next four decades. It
kept on repeatedly misused by Congress and Non-Congress governments both in
later years.

         Imposition of emergency in 1975 and subsequent elections in March
1977 can be considered by far the most crucial election in India. I was in
as much anxiety during that election, when I was a student in Panjab
University Chandigarh and living in hostel, preparing for my M A Exam.
Faculty and students of the University were supporting Krishan Kant (Vice
President of India later and died due to shock given by BJP govt. then by
not promoting him as President as per earlier practice) for Chandigarh seat
at that time, who was candidate of newly formed Janta Party and part of
four ‘Young Turks’ of Congress party earlier-others being Chander
Shekhar(Prime Minister later), Mohan Dharia and Ram Dhan. Perhaps there was
little hope around, yet there was too much excitement. In those days, only
all India radio was broadcasting election results for 24 hours and it was
perhaps on 23rd March early morning when the defeat of Indira Gandhi at the
hands of Rajnarain from Rai Braille constituency was announced and shortly
after the defeat of Sanjay Gandhi from Amethi constituency was announced.
The whole campus had burst into celebrations and even when Indira Gandhi
returned to power in 1980, she never gained that kind of power arrogance
with which she behaved during 1965-1976.

      Incidentally lot many political problems continue to haunt Indian
society since pre 1947, as Congress party became not a well-knit
anti-colonial ideological party, rather it became a platform of different
ideologies, trends joining it and pulling it into different and sometimes
irreconcilable directions. If it had radical socialists like Nehru, Subhas
Bose, even Communists in Congress Socialist Party (CSP); it also had Hindu
and Muslim fundamentalist, feudal landlords and capitalists on its side;
workers and peasants on another finding place in it. Parties with
ideologies developed in post 1947 situation-Socialists, Communists,
regional parties like Akali party, pro feudal/capitalist parties like
Swatantra party, communal parties like Jansangh, Jamaite Islami etc. Since
Congress became common target to upstage it from power, post 1967
election-coalition era began with ideologically diametrically opposite
parties coming together and joining such government, as in Punjab, where
CPI and Jansangh party shared the government power under Akali leadership.
These governments with such contradictions did not last long, but post 1977
situation gave a new shape to this coalitions, when under the umbrella of
Janta party, as in pre 1947 times, under Congress umbrella, the opposing
ideologies came together. Thus Janta party was combination of Jansangh and
Swatantra like rightist and communal parties and Socialists of all hues!
And RSS had an agenda to capture power, it wrecked Janta Party in order to
expand its own base, though contradictions appeared in the form of power
hunger of Charan Singh or Jagjivan Ram. In 1989, again the conflicting
ideologies came together to support V P Singh government, though from
outside and again BJP-reincarnation of Jansangh wrecked the government to
stall progressive social measures taken by V P Singh. BJP tasted success in
1998-2004 phase, but still could not implement its Hindutva agenda due to
dependence upon other parties. With Congress party getting completely
discredited during 2009-14 period due to its economic policies, as well as
Rahul Gandhi’s insult to Manmohan Singh, gave BJP a renewed incentive to
not only regain power , rather a hope of fulfilling RSS agenda of
communalizing the country and society. Samajvadi Party government in Uttar
Pradesh provided it ample support by its own opportunist conduct and RSS
brought out Narender Modi, blue eyed boy of corporate world of India to
make a show piece of him as Hitler was made in Germany during
post-recession Germany in 1932-33. Though Congress also had blood on it of
1984 Sikh massacres, yet Modi because of his known RSS attitude toward
Muslim community, was considered a bigger culprit for causing massacres of
Muslims in Gujarat in post-Godhra situation in 2002. The way even an ex MP
Ahsan Jafri was burnt alive with 70+ more people, despite his constant
calls to concerned officials, in the heart of Gujarat capital Ahmedabad,
made it clear that to what extent Modi could go, if came to power at
central level. So called murder of young girl Isharat Jahan, Gopinath
Pillai, Sohrabudin, Tulsi Prajapati and many more made it clearer the
designs in Modi mind along with Amit Shah.

                           The way Congress was losing ground and even left
and other traditional parties were also not able to maintain themselves,
the sudden emergence of Aama Aadmi Party came as an anticlimax to fast
fascism like developing situation. AAP is neither radical nor leftist
party, just focusing on common people’s day to day sufferings, which have
reached unbearable heights, made it occupy the space vacated by left and
other democratic liberal parties; it became rather serious challenge to
BJP, though it emasculated Congress in Delhi. And the way Narender Modi
with his five to ten thousand crore high tech media campaign tried to put
him in centre focus of Indian society and to win north India to its side,
where it was weak, declared himself a candidate from Banaras, apart from
Gujarat on another seat, the whole political battle changed shape. Except
BJP own allies-Akali, Shiv Sena, Telugu Desham etc. almost every other
party, those opposed to Congress also, and not just left or Communist
parties, declared Narender Modi to be a Fascist by nature and his own foul
mouthed, power arrogated, abusive, with distortion of historical events
vouched for his fascist image. Support of corporates like Adani-Ambani, 95%
media’s paid news in his favor made situation further worse.

     In this political scenario, Arvind Kejriwal and AAP’s challenge to
Modi became a significant anti-fascist plank. In states like common
people’s spontaneous response to AAP also indicated that people are fed up
both types of oppressive anti people parties, whether Congress or BJP and
its allies like Akalis. No one can vouch for Kejriwal’s future conduct as
politician, as he has already gone against his own earlier professed ideas
of atheism and he had used religious symbolism almost as hypocritically
with electronic media blowup, that his orientation in his future political
conduct would be at best to please both left and right, which is almost
impossible. Yet his fight against Modi in present context is epical and one
does not need to support him to get Modi defeated at his hands. The defeat
of Modi in Varanasi, despite his possible victory elsewhere and even with
the possibility of his govt. formation, would have the same effect, as was
seen in case of Indira Gandhi’s return to power. *Modi’s defeat in Banaras
would mean that he will not be able to push his fascist communal Moditva
agenda, his own allies will not allow him to do so and Indian people will
also learn a lesson to resolutely oppose all his oppressive acts.*

        Due to this very significant aspect of present political scenario,
all political parties, who are genuinely against fascist Moditva trend of
Indian politics, should support him in his epic battle against Narender
Modi in Varanasi. It is very clear that only Arvind Kejriwal is getting
maximum people’s response and support against Narender Modi and Congress,
Samajvadi or BSP candidates stand little chance. CPM candidate cannot score
more than few thousand votes, but in this situation even few thousand votes
matter and CPM would never like to see Modi win this election even with few
thousand votes and CPM voters can never vote for Modi, they surely can vote
for Kejriwal, so is perhaps with SP and BSP voters. Congress will never
withdraw its candidate, even if his presence cause the victory of Modi, as
it is on self-destructive path! Samajvadi party is also not likely to
withdraw its candidate after the tamasha of road show. So only CPM and BSP
can think rationally of stopping Moditva’s fascist rath, as some time in
1991, Lalu Yadav in Bihar had stopped Advani’s Rath by arresting him!

                                  People of Banaras can certainly care for
the glory of the city by defeating Modi, as only the defeat of Modi will
bring them glory, his victory will bring only shame to the city as city has
tradition of Kabir and Ravidas like saints, Chandershekhar Azad like
revolutionaries, Bismillah Khan, Premchand, Hazari Prasad Dwaidi like
writers and Moditva is enemy of any humanistic thought, to which all these
Banaras ancestors belong to!

*         Hope this appeal to CPM and BSP and people of Banaras will have
some impact and Moditva will meet its waterloo in Varanasi at the hands of
its humanist tradition!*

खाइके पान बनारस वाला खुल जाई बंद अकल का ताला/फिर तौ आइसा करो कमाल कि मोदी
भाइगि गंगा पार! औ भैया मोदी भागी भागी भागी॥कि ...मोदी फिर न बनारस आली..

For Banarasi Babus:
Rai Baraille created history in March 1977, by defeating the most powerful
woman of India of the time-semi fascist Smt. Indira Gandhi, punishing her
and her son Sanjay Gandhi in Amethi constituency for their emergency
excesses on Indian people. If Indira Gandhi had won, it would hardly had
become news. Rajnarayan became news by defeating Indira Gandhi in 1977. If
Narender Modi, responsible for 2002 massacres of minorities, agent of Adani
like corporates, opressors of poor peasants and workers, wins, it will
hardly a news for Banarasi Babus!However if Banarasi babus inflict crushing
defeat on fascist and most powerful looking Indian today on 12th polling by
electing Arvind Kejriwal-the only viable candidate to defeat power
arrogated, foul mouthed, a slur on humanity-promotor of Moditva fascism,
then Banaras will come up on world map as giant killer as Rai Barailee had
come in March 1977. Indira Gandhi even after her return to power in 1980,
could never gain that arrogated power, once crushed be defeat by Indian
people of Rai Barailee, so will be with Modi.Even if he wins in Gujarat and
even he becomes Prime Minister, he will never be able to impose his Moditva
fascism on Indian people, if you the wise people of Banaras, inspired by
Kabir and Ravidas, Bismillah Khan and Premchand, Chandershekhar Azad like
revolutionaries, who faced 30 lashes by shouting 'Mahatmna Gandhi ki Jai'
in Banaras in 1921 as student of Kashi Sanskrit peeth. Will you betray
Kabir, Ravidas, Chandershekhar Azad, Bismillah Khan, Hazariprasad Dwidey
and Premchand by electing this fascist Modi? Or will you uphold the the
great traditon of your ancestors who lived on Varanasi soil-Kabir, Ravidas,
Chandershekhar Azad by inflicting crushing defeat on the enemy of Indian
people, admirer of Nathu Ram Godse-the Mahatma Gandhi murderer? History
will judge you Banarasi Babu-Pappu ki Chai is much valuable than Modi ki
Chai, which sells poison, whereas pappu ki Chai on Asi sells freedom of
ideas-choose Banarsi Babus--choose-whole India looks to you.
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