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*Brisbane Community Action Network (BrisCAN) -- G20 *

*www.briscan.net.au* <http://www.briscan.net.au>**




*Another world is in the making... *

*/what it looks like is up to us/*


*March, Forum & community action in response to G20 Summit, Nov 2014*

Dear friends,

On behalf of Brisbane Community Action Network -- G20 (BrisCAN -- G20) I 
am writing to encourage your participation in community initiatives in 
response to the G20 summit, planned for November 15-16, 2014 in Brisbane.

With Australia hosting the G20, the leaders of the 20 most powerful 
global economies meeting in our region is a not-to-be-missed opportunity 
to spotlight the issues surrounding G20 policies and the system of 
disadvantage they perpetuate -- locally and globally.

BrisCAN-G20 is a broad network of groups concerned about the social and 
ecological impacts of the G20, including the immediate repercussions of 
hosting the G20 in our region -- such as the current diminishing of 
civil liberties.We see the G20 as an opportunity to unite and work on 
transforming our society to a more just and sustainable one.

BrisCAN- G20 will be hosting and supporting a week of events, forums, 
marches, film screenings, and other creative actions between November 8 
-16 in Brisbane. These will be coordinated in conjunction with a wider 
program in support of First Nations' events planned for the week.

*Our key program events so far are: *


·*November 12-14: G20 People's Summit *

Major themes include:
Economic s: Alternatives and De-Development

Environment & Climate

Social Justice:Dispossession Decolonisation

Democracy: "Sustainable" Politics

Universal Rights: Human Rights, Labor Rights, Earth Rights

Peace & De-militarisation

·*November 15: People's March *


In addition, we are supporting the First Nation's Decolonisation Before 
Profit program of events from Nov 8 -- Nov 16, looking in to the 
possibility of a People's Film Festival, and supporting art exhibitions 
and other creative events.

We believe it is vital for these actions to serve as platform for the 
broad spectrum of communities involved in the movement for progressive 

Your organisation can be involved by: speaking at- or helping organise 
sections of the People's Summit -hosting or sponsoring an event, coming 
to BrisCAN-G20 meetings, promoting these events through your networks or 
with financial support.

We hope you will join us in action to challenge the economic disparity 
and environmental destruction perpetuated by the G20 system. We look 
forward to hearing how you would like to be involved and to working with 
you in the lead up to the G20 and beyond.

In peace and solidarity,

Robin Taubenfeld

Friends of the Earth Brisbane

for BrisCAN - G20 Peoples Summit working group

mbl 0411 118 737

please respond to:brisg20peoplessummit at gmail.com

*Below is some information about Brisbane Community Action Network- G20*

*(BrisCAN- G20)*

*Brisbane Community Action Network -- G20 (BrisCAN--G20)*

BrisCAN-G20 will be helping coordinate cross campaign collaboration on 
environmental and social justice, including first people's sovereignty, 
food sovereignty, the climate, mining and human rights. We invite all 
community groups and individuals to join us over the next year in 
responding to the G20 through collaborative education, media production, 
action planning, alternative forum development and more!

*BrisCAN-G20 Statement of Unity*

/BrisCAN-G20 is network of groups and individuals concerned about the 
ongoing ecological destruction and social and economic and disparities 
perpetuated by G20 and the systems it represents./


/We live and take action on Aboriginal land and support First Nations' 
struggles for land and culture./


/Bris-CAN facilitates vibrant community-based action for an ecologically 
and socially just world. We foster peaceful collaborations for 
progressive and positive change locally and globally in the lead up to 
the G20 and beyond./


*For more info and to get involved in BrisCAN-G20:*

Subscribe to our announcement list: email subscribe request to 
*briscan-g20 at lists.riseup.net*

FB Page:https://www.facebook.com/briscan.g20

Website http://briscan.net.au/

Contact: Robin Taubenfeld, Friends of the Earth Brisbane 0411 118 737

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