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Hi, Kolya!

Not about China and Energy but about your famous marriage.

Do you have photos?

>From Fiona all I hear about is her meeting up with Sasha.


P&G (who I can safely also speak on behalf of here).

On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 7:54 PM, kolya abramsky <kolyaab at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

>          Announcing a new online resource: UnderstandChinaEnergy.org    View
> this email in your browser<http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=27684a7b810781b8c99f577fd&id=e50e329a23&e=40dfca8d1c>
> <http://focusweb.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27684a7b810781b8c99f577fd&id=181900fbd5&e=40dfca8d1c>            A
> new database on energy development in China
> We’re pleased to announce the launch of Understanding China's Energy
> Landscape: Achievements, Challenges and Conflicts, Past, Present and Future<http://focusweb.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=27684a7b810781b8c99f577fd&id=a82a469e82&e=40dfca8d1c>, a
> new website from Focus on the Global South. This unique and comprehensive
> resource contains a wide range of English-language texts on energy
> development in China, with particular attention to social and environmental
> concerns in the sector.
> The evolution of the world’s energy system is, and will be, closely
> intertwined with possible solutions to the world economic, financial and
> political crises; solutions which may be more or less authoritarian, or
> more or less emancipatory. Changes in the world’s energy sector are
> accelerating rapidly, and in many places, the sector is defined by social
> and environmental conflicts, with different grassroots organizational
> processes emerging to defend and promote the interests of affected
> communities and workers. We believe it is important to build worldwide
> processes of dialogue, with common analyses, political perspectives and
> collaborations to help strengthen specific local campaigns, initiatives and
> struggles and create alternatives. China’s role in the world’s energy
> sector, both currently, and in the future, is increasingly significant.
> This website contains information and analysis about coal, oil,
> hydropower, nuclear, renewable energy (especially wind and solar power),
> and energy-intensive industries and energy efficiency, as well as about the
> power sector more generally. It provides an overall picture of the
> different branches of the Chinese energy sector, exploring some of the
> links between energy, work, land and the environment, as well as structures
> of ownership, control and decision-making. This is based on an
> understanding that energy is a key means of production and subsistence. The
> articles address both the positive and negative effects of energy
> development on people’s lives, conflicts of interest that arise from this
> development, and related areas such as climate change.
> The site contains close to 1,000 articles written by a wide variety of
> actors, including small grassroots Chinese NGOs, larger international NGOs,
> the Chinese government, Chinese academics, foreign governments, foreign
> researchers and think tanks, labour organizations, as well as international
> and regional political, economic and financial institutions, and the
> commercial sector. Some of these articles are short reports of two to three
> pages, while others are very detailed reports and analyses of several
> hundred pages. Some have a social, political, or economic focus, while
> others focus on the scientific and technological aspects of energy.
> It is increasingly important for global grassroots networks, movements and
> local organizations to be informed about what is happening in China.
> Conversely, different actors in China could, potentially, in many cases
> benefit from international solidarity, for instance in relation to worker
> and peasant conflicts relating to the different branches of the energy
> sector and energy-intensive industries.
> This website is geared toward people outside of China who are interested
> in these questions but who are not able to access Chinese materials, and at
> the same time, we believe it may also be useful for people within China,
> because it combines information about many different aspects of the energy
> sector in one single site. It is hoped that the site can help to make
> visible to English speakers some of the major developments in China’s
> energy sector, and can connect developments and discussions in China with
> international grassroots discussions and initiatives relating to energy.
> The creators of the project are: Dorothy Grace Guerrero, senior programme
> officer at Focus on the Global South; Raffy Simbol, freelance web
> developer; and Kolya Abramsky, freelance energy researcher, educator and
> organizer.
> We invite you to explore understandchinanenergy.org<http://focusweb.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27684a7b810781b8c99f577fd&id=7caa60ad9e&e=40dfca8d1c>and share it widely.
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