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> Subject: [P2P-F] Workshop: Marx’s Labour Theory of Value in the Digital Age
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> Workshop: Marx’s Labour Theory of Value in the Digital Age
> COST Action IS1202 “Dynamics of Virtual Work”, 
> http://dynamicsofvirtualwork.com/
> The Open University of Israel.
> June 15-17, 2014.
> Recent developments in digital technology, from “social media”/”web 2.0” 
> such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Weibo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, 
> Foursquare, etc to mobile devices, have spurred new forms of production. 
> A variety of terms has been used to describe new production practices 
> and new products enabled by the Internet: participatory culture, 
> co-creation, mass collaboration, social production, commons-based peer 
> production, mass customization, prosumption, produsage, crowdsourcing, 
> open source, social production, user-generated content, user 
> participation, folksonomics, wikinomics, collaborative innovation, open 
> innovation, user innovation.
> These terms and debates are often over-optimistic, celebratory and lack 
> a critical understanding of “social media” – they do not engage with the 
> social problem-dimension of the “social”. The multiplicity of neologisms 
> is also a symptom of a “technologistic” outlook, which assumes that each 
> technical innovation brings about a paradigmatic change in culture and 
> in society and more democracy and a better society. While such 
> multiplicity of terms attests to a phenomenology of technological 
> innovation and diversity, it is also an analytical and theoretical 
> liability. Concurrent with this dominant approach, there have been 
> attempts for a systematic critical analysis of new forms of online 
> production, digital labour and commodification on social media through 
> the prism of the labour theory of value. Such theoretical approaches 
> attempt to apply a unified conceptual framework in order to gain better 
> understanding of the socio-economic foundations of digital media and the 
> social relations, power relations and class relations that they 
> facilitate. They also help to connect these new productive practices 
> with a longstanding theoretical tradition emerging from Marxian 
> political economy.
> The role of Marx’s labour theory of value for understanding the 
> political economy of digital and social media has been a topic of 
> intense work and debates in recent years, particularly concerning the 
> appropriateness of using Marxian concepts, such as: value, 
> surplus-value, exploitation, class, abstract and concrete labour, 
> alienation, commodities, the dialectic, work and labour, use- and 
> exchange-value, General Intellect, labour time, labour power, the law of 
> value, necessary and surplus labour time, absolute and relative surplus 
> value production, primitive accumulation, rent, reproductive labour, 
> formal and real subsumption of labour under capital, species-being, 
> collective worker, etc.
> The critical conceptualization of digital labour has been approached 
> from a variety of critical approaches, such as Marx’s theory, Dallas 
> Smythe’s theory of audience commodification, Critical Theory, Autonomous 
> Marxism, feminist political economy, labour process theory, etc. In this 
> workshop we explore current interventions to the digital labour theory 
> of value. Such interventions propose theoretical and empirical work that 
> contributes to our understanding of the Marx’s labour theory of value, 
> how the nexus of labour and value are transformed under virtual 
> conditions, or they employ the theory in order to shed light on specific 
> practices.
> The Israeli location will provide an opportunity to explore some issues 
> pertinent to digital technology in the local context, including a 
> lecture on the Palestinian Internet and a tour exploring techniques of 
> separation and control along the separation wall in Jerusalem.
> Keynote talks:
> Noam Yoran: The Labour Theory of Television, or, Why is Television Still 
> Around
> Christian Fuchs: The Digital Labour Theory of Value and Karl Marx in the 
> Age of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Weibo
> Anat Ben David: The Palestinian Internet
> The programme features the following talks:
> * Andrea Fumagalli: The concept of life subsumption in cognitive 
> bio-capitalism: valorization and governance
> * Bingqing Xia: Marx's in Chinese online space: some thoughts on the 
> labour problem in Chinese Internet industries
> * Brice Nixon: The Exploitation of Audience Labour: A Missing 
> Perspective on Communication and Capital in the Digital Era
> * Bruce Robinson: Marx's categories of labour, value production and 
> digital work
> * Eran Fisher: Audience labour: empirical inquiry into the missing link 
> of subjectivity
> * Frederick Harry Pitts: Form-giving fire: creative industries as Marx’s 
> ‘work of combustion’”
> * Jakob Rigi: The Crisis of the Law of Value? The Marxian Concept of 
> Rent and a Critique of Antonio Negri`s and his Associates` Approach 
> Towards the Marxian Law of Value
> * Jernej Prodnik: Media products and (digital) labour in global 
> capitalist accumulation: A preliminary study
> * Kylie Jarrett: The Uses of Use-Value: A Marxist-Feminist contribution 
> to understanding digital media
> * Marisol Sandoval: The Dark Side of the Information Age - Arguments for 
> an Extended Definition of Digital Labour
> * Olivier Frayssé: Cyberspace ground rent, surplus value extraction, 
> realization, and general surplus value apportionment
> * Sebastian Sevignani: Productive prosumption, primitive accumulation, 
> or rent? Problematising exploitation 2.0
> * Thomas Allmer: Digital and Social Media Between Emancipation and 
> Commodification: Dialectical and Critical Perspectives
> * Yuqi Na: Capital accumulation of targeted advertising-based capitalist 
> social media. What do people in the UK and China think about it and why? 
> A Marxist perspective
> If you wish to attend the workshop, please contact RSVP Eran Fisher: 
> eranfisher at gamil.com
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