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Friday, 30 May 2014

Worlds in movement, worlds of movement…

Just out : An article-length presentation of the main ideas of the author’s forthcoming book :

The Organisation of the Organisationless : Collective Action After Networks

Rodrigo Nunes

            Congratulations and thanks, Rodrigo !



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> Dear all,
> Apologies for the bulk mail. If you're getting this, it's because at some point we discussed my project for a book on the question of organisation, which you may or may not have heard referred to under the only-half-joking title of 'Networked Leninism'.
> This is to announce that I still haven't finished that project but, in the meantime, I accepted an invitation from Mute's Post-Media Lab project to present a few of the ideas that will go into it -- and the result, The Organisation of the Organisationless: Collective Action After Networks, is out now.
> http://www.metamute.org/editorial/books/organisation-organisationless-collective-action-after-networks
> (see blurb below)
> Kindly do spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested. Also, if you'd be interested in reviewing the book, please send me your postal address and I'll arrange with Mute to have a copy sent to you. Otherwise, I'm obviously as happy to share PDFs as ever, but I would strongly recommend that you buy it, seeing as Mute, which has been such a valuable platform for so long, is in a tight financial position owing to Arts Council cuts. (Also, it's very cheap.) 
> Finally, to those of you in the UK/Europe, I plan to be around early-to-mid November. I look forward to seeing you, and do let me know if you'd be interested in organising an event of some description while I'm there. 
> Best, and hope to see you soon
> Rodrigo 
> Organisation of the Organisationless: Collective Action After Networks
> Rodrigo Nunes
> Rejecting the dichotomy of centralism and horizontalism that has deeply marked millennial politics, Rodrigo Nunes’ close analysis of network systems demonstrates how organising within contemporary social and political movements exists somewhere between – or beyond – the two. Rather than the party or chaos, the one or the multitude, he discovers a ‘bestiary’ of hybrid organisational forms and practices that render such disjunctives false. The resulting picture shows how social and technical networks can and do facilitate strategic action and fluid distributions of power at the same time. It is by developing the strategic potentials that are already immanent to networks, he argues, that contemporary solutions to the question of organisation can be developed.


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