[WSF-Discuss] Fw: Montreal Will Play Host To the World Social Forum in August 2016

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Sun Apr 5 10:10:25 CDT 2015

Full support, I know some of the organisers as extremely capable comrades.

But as I recall, the many discussions about Montreal hosting in the 
prior years focused on the border problem: hostility to people from the 
South when it comes to visas, and also to North American activists who 
have been prevented from crossing due to their activist record. The 
Ottawa regime has a fortress mentality. Has that been addressed?


On 2015/04/05 04:08 PM, jasper teunissen wrote:
> Don't think this was posted already on this list:
> http://www.fsm2016.org/en/montreal-will-play-host-to-the-world-social-forum-in-august-2016-2/
>   Montreal Will Play Host To the World Social Forum in August 2016
> 30 March 2015 
> <http://www.fsm2016.org/en/montreal-will-play-host-to-the-world-social-forum-in-august-2016-2/>Non 
> classé @en <http://www.fsm2016.org/en/category/non-classe-en/>Van Quoc 
> Vinh <http://www.fsm2016.org/en/author/vanqv/>
> *Montreal Will Play Host To the World Social Forum in August 2016.
> Unprecedented in a Northern Country!*
> *Tunis, March 29th 2015:*
> Today, March 29th 2015, it was decided that Montreal would be hosting 
> the next World Social Forum taking place in August 2016. Following a 
> meeting that took place during the 2015 World Social Forum (WSF) in 
> Tunis, the International Council officially confirmed that the next 
> global civil society meeting for an alternative world would be held in 
> Montreal. According to Chico Whitaker, a founding member of the WSFs, 
> “this first Northern World Social Forum is a historical opportunity 
> for us to revitalize global social struggles; and all of this will be 
> carried out by the passion and idealism of Quebec’s youth!”
> More than 50,000 people are expected to convene in downtown Montreal 
> next year for this exciting event. The WSF hopes to become a space for 
> the collective construction of solutions to the various challenges we 
> currently face (ecological, economic, security, social and political 
> crises). Quebec’s youth and its new social movements were able to 
> convince the International Council to sign off on the WSF being hosted 
> in a Northern country for the first time since its inception in 2001. 
> This surprising twist of events epitomizes the importance of alliances 
> between peoples and nations in creating a better world for today and 
> tomorrow.
> It is with this in mind that the 12th edition of the WSF aims to 
> facilitate Canada and Quebec’s civil society’s contribution to global 
> social struggles.
> *About the 2016 Montreal WSF Collective*
> Starting in May 2013, a collective made up of socially-involved 
> citizens, as well as more than 140 organizations from syndical, 
> indigenous, feminist, international solidarity, community, student and 
> environmental arenas have worked together in order to build a strong 
> organizational base for the 2016 World Social Forum in Montreal.
> *About World Social Forums*
> World Social Forums aim to create a space for the emergence of 
> alternatives and debates, as well as for the convergence of struggles 
> across the world. The first World Social Forum was held in 
> Porto-Alegre, Brazil, in 2001 in reaction to the annual World Economic 
> Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
> Raphaël Canet
> Tunis : +216 55 25 55 16 (March 29, 30, 31
> Montreal : 514 883-9594
> Carminda Mac Lorin :
> Tunis : +216 55 255 516 (March 29, 30, 31)
> Montreal : 514 381-7090
> info at fsm2016.org
> fsm2016.org
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