[WSF-Discuss] FW: Solidarity message to the Tunis World Social Forum

Toshimaru Ogura ogr at nsknet.or.jp
Mon Mar 23 06:37:25 CDT 2015

Dear all,

This is final version of the message by the People's Plan Study
Group in Japan.

toshi in Tunis
toshimaru ogura (toshi)
ogr at nsknet.or.jp
toshi at jca.apc.org

Solidarity message to the Tunis World Social Forum

People’s Plan Study Group (PPSG)
Tokyo, March 23, 2015

We would like to convey our solidarity with and congratulation on
all of you, Tunisian friends in particular, who have made the
convening of the World Social Forum possible in Tunis despite the
outbreak of the tragic Bardo museum incident. We join you in
expressing our deep condolences to those who lost their lives in
the indiscriminate attack. We disapprove and condemn this and
other acts of “jihadist” terrorism as we disapprove and condemn
state terrorism perpetrated in the name of anti-terrorist war,
which totally fails to address and remove the root cause of
terrorism. The World Social Forum since its inception has been
addressing precisely this root cause by offering grassroots people
a space to come together to confront and defeat the power of the
empire of the rich, privileged, and greedy by means other than
armed insurrection or terrorism. This is not an easy path, but in
the midst of raging violence, we are once again convinced that
this challenge WSF set itself is more than ever worth taking. 

We hope that your plenaries, workshops, cultural activities and
the march will all be a great success. We expect an inspiring
message coming from Tunis.

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