[WSF-Discuss] US President Barack Obama wants India, Pakistan to reduce their nuclear arsenal

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US President Barack Obama wants India, Pakistan to reduce their nuclear arsenal
BI INDIA BUREAU 1APR 2, 2016, 01.22 PM

***US President Barack Obama called for the need to make progress in
reducing in India and Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and urged both
countries to develop military doctrines so that they do not
"continually move in the wrong direction". [Emphasis added.]
[Obviously, Obama, here, is referring to India's cold start doctrine
and Pakistan, in response, going in a big way for tactical nuclear
weapons to counteract any such move.]

***"One of the challenges that we're going to have here is that it is
very difficult to see huge reductions in our nuclear arsenal unless
the United States and Russia, as the two largest possessors of nuclear
weapons, are prepared to lead the way," Obama said.*** [Emphasis

"The other area where I think we need to see progress is Pakistan and
India, that subcontinent, making sure that as they develop military
doctrines, that they are not continually moving in the wrong
direction," Obama told a press conference at the end of the two-day
Nuclear Security Summit here.

"We have to take a look at the Korean Peninsula because North Korea is
in a whole different category and poses the most immediate set of
concerns for all of us, one that we are working internationally to
focus on," the US President said.

Obama said that was one of the reasons he had a trilateral meeting
with Japan and Korea, adding that it was a major topic of discussion
with his Chinese counterpart as well.

Obama's remarks are seen in the context of growing American uneasiness
about the rapidly increasing nuclear arsenal of Pakistan.

Last month US Secretary of State John Kerry had cited the example of
America and Russia which are working to further reduce their nuclear
arsenal, while urging Pakistan to review its nuclear policy.

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