[WSF-Discuss] Call for International Academic Observers to the Trial against the Academics for Peace

Laurence Cox Laurence.Cox at nuim.ie
Thu Apr 14 11:37:29 CDT 2016

Forwarding this call for international observers for the trial of four of
the "Academics for Peace" in Turkey.




Dear Colleagues


I have been asked to circulate this petition for help from our fellow
academics in Turkey.


All best




Call for International Academic Observers to the Trial against the
>"Academics for Peace", Istanbul, 22nd April 2016
>Dear Friends and Colleagues,
>Since March 2016, four of our colleagues - Professors Esra Mungan Gürsoy,
>Meral Camcı, Kıvanç Ersoy and Muzaffer Kaya - are being held in pre-trial
>detention, accused of terrorist propaganda under Article 7/2 of
>Anti-Terrorism Law.
>The official indictment refers to the original petition "We will not be a
>party to this crime" of 11th January 2016 as well as a press statement
>which the four read out on 10th March 2016. This press statement was
>delivered by Academics for Peace Istanbul to draw attention to the extent
>of the repressions which have unraveled against the signees since the
>original petition, especially to the disciplinary investigations,
>dismissals, forced resignations and the legal prosecutions. Now, they are
>facing a sentence from 1,5 to 7,5 years imprisonment.
>While there is a chance that our colleagues could be released out of
>imprisonment in this first hearing, which would set a sign for the rest
>of the trial, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan most recently declared that
>our colleagues should "remain in prison throughout the trial" because
>they were "guilty".
>But, Demanding Peace is no Crime!
>On 22nd April 2016, not only our four colleagues are on trial, but
>freedom of expression in Turkey as such! For, the trial against
>journalists Erdem Gül and Can Dündar has been scheduled for the same
>date. We stand in solidarity with all those raising their voices for
>peace and democracy because we, too, share the same dream and demand!
>We, therefore, call for international observers to the first hearing on
>22nd April, 2016 before the 13th High Criminal Court, Çağlayan
>Courthouse, Istanbul at 2:00 PM. Your presence in court will not only
>give a strong sign of support for peace, democracy, and freedom of
>expression in Turkey, but will also have a positive effect on the
>fairness of the trial.
>In Solidarity,


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