[WSF-Discuss] [Debate-List] The Online Labour Solidarity Activist who's 'Proud to be a Zionist'

Orsan Senalp orsan1234 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 10:40:47 CDT 2016

Thanks Peter, will distribute this widely, unblievable indeed, what a reckless braveness.

All internationalist must say today 'down with the Israel state, the outpost of imperialism and the barbaric capitalism', it is part of a machinery murdered not only Palestians but many millions of innocent people in the region and beyond. Down with those who bears any pride of it and its zionism. 

One would wonder if this metal state would proudly be serving for today's zionist State apparatus, its intelligence services and armed forces as well.

What a confusion for those who award and follows the two faced operations. When it is the higest time to condemn zionism serving to those pushing planet towards a third inter-capitalist world war. 


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> I have sent a copy to Eric Lee privately.
> In solidarity,
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