[WSF-Discuss] Hospital hit in Syria as UN warns talks unravelling

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Hospital hit in Syria as UN warns talks unravelling

At least 16 killed - including children - in government attack as UN
envoy says warring sides "far apart".
28 Apr 2016 05:52 GMT

At least 16 people were killed in the strike with more feared buried
under the rubble [Al Jazeera]

At least 16 people have been killed in a Syrian government air strike
on a hospital in the city of Aleppo as the UN warned that a delicate
ceasefire was crumbling.

The attack on the Al Quds hospital on Wednesday evening killed several
medical staff and other civilians, including Dr Wasem Maaz, one of the
last remaining pediatricians in the rebel-held part of the city.

Rescue workers were pulling bodies and survivors from the rubble of
the building in the Sukkary neighbourhood into the evening and
witnesses told Al Jazeera the death toll was likely to rise.

Pictures seen by Al Jazeera showed rows of bloodied and charred bodies
covered in plastic sheets. The images were too graphic to be

The attack was the latest in an intensification of government assaults
on the city, with at least 100 civilians killed in air strikes,
shelling and rocket fire since Friday.

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"In the last 48 hours, we have had an average of one Syrian killed
every 25 minutes, one Syrian wounded every 13 minutes," the UN special
envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said, warning that peace talks
were almost out of steam.

On Tuesday, at least 35 people - including eight children - were
killed in Aleppo in fighting between government forces and rebels, a
monitoring group said.

The bloc representing the opposition at peace talks in Geneva, the
High Negotiations Committee (HNC), on Wednesday threatened to boycott
the next round of talks unless the government stopped its bombing

The HNC left formal negotiations last week, saying that it needed a
"pause", after at least 40,000 people fled fighting near Aleppo when
government forces pressed an offensive against rebel fighters there.

A ceasefire unraveling

De Mistura on Thursday said the government and the main opposition
group remained far apart in their competing visions of a political
transition, despite some common ground.

In a seven-page document issued at the end of a two-week round of
talks, he said the two sides shared a view "that the transitional
governance could include members of the present government and the
opposition, independents and others".

But the potential presence of Assad in such an arrangement has been a
sticking point at the talks.

De Mistura called on Russia and the United States to intervene and
revive the negotiations.

"I really fear that the erosion of the cessation is unraveling the
fragile consensus around a political solution, carefully built over
the last year," de Mistura said in a briefing to the UN Security
Council briefing, which was obtained by the Associated Press news

"Now I see parties reverting to the language of a military solution or
military option. We must ensure that they do not see that as a
solution or an option."

Peace Is Doable

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