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إطلاق موقع تحالف الاشتراكيين السوري والإيراني -The website of the “Alliance
of Iranian and Syrian Socialists” is launched
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إطلاق موقع تحالف الاشتراكيين السوري والإيراني! للانضمام بامكانك إرسال رسالة
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The website of the “Alliance of Iranian and Syrian Socialists” is launched!
If you want to join us contact us through the website.


Syria Special: Russia-Regime Airstrike Destroys Aleppo Hospital
*by Scott Lucas*April 28

*PHOTO:* *Al-Quds Hospital in opposition-held Aleppo, destroyed on
Wednesday night by a Russian-regime attack*

The latest Russian-regime bombing in northwest Syria has destroyed the
Al-Quds Hospital in Aleppo city, causing multiple casualties.



Local journalists and activists put the death toll at *more than 50
including *13 women and 15 children
<https://twitter.com/taha_alhlo/status/725457676176642048?s=15>*. The
casualties are likely to rise, as dozens of people were trapped under

Activists said that Russian and Syrian warplanes dropped more than 250
bombs in and near Aleppo last night.

A rescuer at the scene says, “I don’t know if I’m now standing on the
bodies of women and children”:

More than a dozen hospitals in Aleppo city had already been closed because
of the airstrikes, leaving only a few operating. Among the casualties on
Wednesday night was the last pediatrician in east Aleppo, Muhammad Maaz.

In the initial months after Russia’s military intervention last autumn,
Russian and Syrian warplanes hit at least 27 medical facilities, most of
them in the northwest. Scores of people were killed, many of them medical

*See Syria Feature: “Russia and Assad Regime Deliberately and
Systematically Targeted Hospitals”

A man carries a child killed last night:

[image: ALEPPO CHILD KILLED 27-04-16]

Journalists from the website Vocativ *toured the latest destroyed hospital
last year
Dr Hamza al-Khatib recalled that a Palestinian colleague asked, “Why don’t
you give the GPS coordinates of the hospital to the regime so they won’t
hit it?”

Al-Khatib laughed bitterly and continued:

Why would the regime be killing the children? Why would the regime be
killing the women, the old people? Why would they be hitting with chemical
weapons?. [Assad] has crossed all the lines.


The doctor, who served two hospitals, said he would not leave:

People here don’t think about the future. We live each day by each day. At
any time a rocket could come and destroy this hospital…but until then, we
have patients, and we have to treat them.

It is not known if al-Khatib survived last night’s attack.

Mourning one of the casualties:

[image: MOURNING ALEPPO DEAD 27-04-16]

Muhammad Maaz, the last pediatrician in opposition-held Aleppo, killed last


Dr.Ahmad abo al-Yaman, also killed:

[image: SLAIN ALEPPO DOCTOR 27-04-16]

Peace Is Doable

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