Schoelcher, Martinique, 8th of July 2006

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The Assembly of Caribbean Social Movements, held during the first Caribbean Social Forum that was taking place from the 5th to the 9th of July 2006 in Martinique is appreciating the historical step of setting up a Social Forum process in our region with this first Caribbean Social Forum.

At a time where the confrontation of the dominators of this world on one side and the progressive and revolutionary forces of the people on the other is more and more virulent, at a time where our Caribbean region faces US military manoeuvres and increasing foreign investment in the context of merciless capitalistic globalisation, at a time of European strategies imposing neoliberalism in our region, of increasing inequalities, acceleration of environmental destruction, discrimination of women, autochthones and Afro-descendants, the Assembly of Social Movements is recalling the vital need of reinforcing the links of all movements and all networks struggling for another Caribbean, a better Caribbean with more democracy, more justice, more respect for the environment and future generations, with more equality and solidarity.

The Assembly of Caribbean Social Movements is joining this dynamic of progressive anti-globalisation which is growing stronger and stronger and is calling upon the strengthening of networks working on different subjects concerning the Caribbean (networks of feminist organisations, networks of worker’s organisations, youth networks, environmental networks, indigenous people’s networks, anti-imperialistic networks…) as well as networks of national social forums.

The strengthening or in some cases the creation of such networks and their articulation are a necessary condition in our days in order to realize great victorious struggles and successful social forums. The organisations signing this appeal are ready to get involved and work in this direction and will take part in the consultation which will be done between all the networks in order to define the date and place of a second Caribbean Social Forum.

The Assembly of Caribbean Social Movements is expressing a vigorous protestation against the scandalous attempt by certain French embassies in the Caribbean to prevent Caribbean Social movements to get together, pronouncing unjustified and arrogant refusals of visas for Caribbean people wanting to attend the forum. Depriving people’s organisations in Martinique of their right to invite whoever they wish to their island is showing the unacceptable traces of colonialism in our region.

The Assembly of Caribbean Social Movements is expressing its solidarity with the struggle of Martinique and Guadeloupe progressive movements to obtain the right to invite their sisters and brothers from the Caribbean as they think it necessary.

The Assembly of Caribbean Social Movements is expressing its support of the Saint Lucian farmers working in Martinique who recently have been threatened by expulsion.

The Assembly of Caribbean Social Movements has decided to initiate or strengthen the following campaigns in our region:

  • Campaign against violence against women
  • Campaign against sexual tourism and exploitation and abuse of children
  • Campaign against military plans and manoeuvres in the Caribbean, wars, aggressions and terrorism made in USA and tolerated or even supported by some European states.
  • Campaign against the ongoing military occupation of Haiti.
  • Campaign for the respect of worker’s rights, extremely threatened by neoliberal politics
  • Campaign for defending public services such as water, health, education, transport, energy and communication.
  • Campaign for the right of Caribbean people to freely travel in the Caribbean in the perspective of universal citizenship that is still to be constructed.
  • Campaign for the respect of immigrant’s rights in the Caribbean
  • Campaign for ending exclusion and social marginalisation, for the right of lodging and for a world of zero exclusion, for the right to work for everybody.
  • Campaign for the liberation of the 5 political Cuban prisoners in the USA.
  • Campaign for solidarity with Cuba as a victim of the scandalous economic blockage by the USA and with Venezuela which is constantly threatened since the beginning of the Bolivarian revolution.
  • Campaign for cancelling the debt of Caribbean countries.
  • Campaign for horizontal and constructive integration of the people in the region
  • Campaign against all free trade treaties under imperial domination and against the so-called economic partnership that the European Union is about to impose on Caribbean people.
  • Campaign for the right of self-determination of the region’s people.

In the context of these campaigns, the Assembly of Caribbean Social Movements decided to get active during the following dates, fixed by Caribbean or worldwide Social Movements:

  • 23rd of August : International day against modern slavery (date of the first uprising of slaves in Haiti)
  • 12th of September until 6th of October: Activities for the liberation of the 5 Cubans, political prisoners of the USA
  • 28th of September : International day for the right to abortion
  • 2nd of October : International day for homeless people and the right of lodging; against exclusion and for self-determination concerning food
  • 17th of October : Women farmers day
  • 21st of November : International day for children’s rights
  • 25th of November : International day for the fight against violence done to women
  • 1st of December : International day for the fight against AIDS
  • 21st of March : International day against discriminations and racism
  • 17th of April : International farmers’ day and the right of land
  • 28th of May : International day for women’s rights
  • 5th of July : CARIBBEAN UNITY day (as a tribute to the historical importance of the first Caribbean Social Forum)

The members of the organisations attending the forum are grateful to the Martinique people, representatives of institutions as well as simple citizens, and are saying thank you for the warm and solidary reception they have received.

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