Mailing list for discussion on WSF India Meeting at Chennai, Oct 2005

WSF India meet is to be held in Chennai from 6-8th October 2005 (See Meeting Agenda). CACIM (Indian Institute for Critical Action Center in Movement) views this as an occasion for strategic cyber intervention aimed at pushing and expanding the boundaries of the concept of 'Open Space'. This project has been initiated to promote debate and democracy in terms of wider peoples’ views. The project is also designed to activate, publicise this webspace ( and let it at the service of those willing to write-up on the list, express and debate.

Over the last several months, we have come to realize that in the domain of internet technologies, most people are comfortable and attuned with email. Consequently, a mailing list has been seen to be one of the primary ways to get people involved in discussions surrounding the coming WSF India meeting in Chennai.

We encourage you to subscribe to the mailing list created for this purpose.

The mailing list will include reports, reflections and moreover critical engagement with WSF processes as Challenge to the Empires. The mailing list will also initiate debate among wider section of people that are not involved in the WSF process as yet and extend encouragement for them to get involved.

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