Explorations in Open Spaces

The World Social Forum exploded onto the world scene in 2001 as a counter-platform to the annual World Economic Forum meet in Davos and is now not merely an annual feature but has a constant presence, with WSF-related events taking place around the world, around the year.

The WSF means different things to different people. However, two strands of opinion dominate the discourse of what the WSF means, and what it should be. One strand of opinion perceives the WSF as a global social justice movement, and has attempted to cast and shape the WSF along these lines. The other strand of opinion perceives the WSF as a space, an open space where individuals, organizations, and movements come together, share, exchange, build bridges, relationships, strategize, etc. In this conception of the WSF, the WSF is more like a chowk (a public square) where people gather publicly and interact, but not as a neutral entity, but with an ideology of its own.

From the perspective of WSF as an open space, several people have expressed fears that there has been a gradual shrinkage of the spaces it originally created. In this context, there have been several efforts to challenge the WSF, to continue to keep it open, to advance the climate of opinion about the usefulness of the WSF as an open space, and to elaborate on the idea of open spaces.

This webspace is an attempt to advance these explorations in/of open spaces:

  • to disseminate material generated from projects, ideas, explorations, articles, and discussions happening within and outside the WSF around the concept of open spaces.
  • to encourage discussion around these ideas and to encourage reflection on the nature, role, and place of open spaces (or perhaps the process of opening spaces).
  • to act as a hub that brings together people interested in these explorations, and to facilitate interaction between them.
  • to also examine the role of the web and other internet technologies, not just as a tool in these explorations, but also as an integral component of global open spaces.

Participation is encouraged in this webspace — in any way you consider possible. You can comment on existing content, edit existing content where possible, contribute articles, write reviews, upload documents, images, audio, blog, start discussion forums or participate in them, and perhaps even volunteer to manage a section of this webspace that is close to your heart. This webspace itself is very much an experiment, and will evolve with time and experience.

We are open to suggestions and ideas for how this webspace can be structured, made more participatory, and accessible — within the constraints of this TikiWiki (external link) installation, and the abilities of the software.

Protests Against ADB

  • Images from the May 5th Rally
  • Images from the May 3rd Rally by Unions in Hyderabad
Press Releases from PFAADB


  • The views of the authors in various articles are not necessarily the views of this webspace.
  • The display of articles on this webspace does not necessarily imply that the authors agree with the views of this webspace.

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