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(Working draft, January 22 2008)

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0. Introduction

1. Call for Day(s) of Action and Mobilisation (external link), January 26 2008

2. Is the World Social Forum Approaching a Point of Crisis ? Jai Sen, CACIM

3. World Social Forum at the Crossroads. ''Walden Bello

4. Crossroads do not Always Close Roads, Chico Whitaker

5. Evaluating from the Inside, With Optimism, Chico Whitaker


6. A Directory of Actions on and around the GDA


7. Global Mobilisation Calls from Around the World

8. Appendix

a. First signatories of the Global Call for Action

b. Proposed actions as per the WSF Newsletter 26 Nov 2007

c. Resources on Global Day of Action

Prepared by Aryakrishnan R and Sébastien Verville, at CACIM, New Delhi, India, January 5-23 2008, based on information available on (external link)


The World Social Forum is presently attempting a fundamentally new experiment for the 2008 edition of its world meeting : In place of what has happened every year since it was founded in 2001 – a world meeting in a key location of the South -, and for which it is now so well known, it has this year called for a Global Day of Action culminating on January 26 2008.

The Call for this Global Day of Action (external link) was generated inside the World Social Forum and launched in May 2007 in Berlin by many international networks. Their position was that (external link) “Each self-organized group of networks, movements, organizations decides independently how to organize their own public initiative ... and which issues, form and international connections with other actions or activities to adopt.” For this purpose, a new website has been launched, which is designed to be used for presenting, finding, joining, showing and connecting with actions.

The idea of a global day of action is not new; as mentioned in one of the articles included here (‘Is the World Social Forum Approaching a Point of Crisis?’), there have been calls for such days of action since the 1970s, and more recently, it has been the PGA (People’s Global Action (external link)) that has popularised this tactic and issued several calls for such days. But with the WSF also now deciding to adopt this approach – as, apparently, a complement to its normal vocabulary of an annual world meeting – we surely need to ask : How effective is this, as a mode of social and political action; and just what does an action like this add up to ?

This Directory : Following the Call it made on November 26 2007 for a global debate on the WSF’s Global Day of Action in January 2008 and on the future of the Forum, and in the spirit of critical engagement that informs all its work with respect to the WSF, and as a part of its work of providing public information on the WSF and other movements, CACIM has decided to prepare this Directory on the Global Call to Action - on the Global Day of Action and more generally on World Social Forum processes during and for 2008. We hope that having a Directory available will be able to help us all ‘read’ and assess the GDA as a means of social and political action and as the alternative and development that it is meant to be, to the Forum’s normal vocabulary of a major annual gathering.

We at CACIM believe that the GDA is a significant experiment but that it needs to be closely and critically read. This Directory gives you a ready-reference compilation of what actions are being proposed in different parts of the world at this point in time (January 22-23 2008), so that you, as reader and as doer, can get an objective understanding of the action and accordingly make your assessment. That there are large numbers of actions taking place in Brazil is perhaps no surprise, nor the large numbers in France and Italy (given the record of activists and organisations from these countries traditionally taking part in the WSF); but why and how are there such large numbers of activities in Russia and the USA ? What does this mean ? And what does the type of actions taking place mean ? Do they add up to a struggle against neoliberalism, war, and exclusions ? We invite and urge you to consider putting your assessment down in writing and invite you to either send your assessment to us or post it directly on (external link)

The actual Directory – chapter 6 in this document – is organised alphabetically by continent and within that, alphabetically by country; and within that, alphabetically by event title.

But please note that this composition is constantly changing, with more and more actions taking shape and being announced each day and each hour ! So the picture you will get from this Directory (and especially from this working draft – the second draft; the first preliminary one was issued on January 11 2008 for a GDA action by CACIM in New Delhi) is NOT any final picture. That picture will emerge only on that day itself – as is the case with any swarm, which is what the Global Day of Action is and is going to be.

Caveat : This is largely an unedited draft, mostly just a compilation of information that we have found on the web, with quick rough translations of some of the entries from French and Spanish using Google Translation to allow readers in English to have access to that information. This also means that we have not as yet had the time to check the language of all the entries, and where in some cases we are aware that the rendition in English from other languages is very crude. And at this stage, and with due apologies to those for whom this is not your language, this Directory has been prepared only in English. Nevertheless, and despite all these limitations, we hope that you find this a useful document; and we would be very glad to have your feedback !

For further information, see (external link) and (external link); and to contact us : CACIM / A3 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110 024, India / cacim(at) / Ph +91-11-4155 1521 or 2433 2451

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