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We have entered and are living through increasingly intense times – times that are likely to only become more fractious, including between people working for social justice. In this context, the following are proposed as a minimum set of posting guidelines, or points of list etiquette, that all list members are requested to note and to voluntarily subscribe to, in order to make being on this list enjoyable for all of us :

  • WSMDiscuss, or World Social Movement Discuss (earlier called ‘WSFDiscuss’), aims to be an open, unmoderated, and self-organising forum for critical discussion of social and political movement : Of information, views, and reflections on the experience, practice, and theory of social and political movement at any level (local, national, regional, and global), including the World Social Forum and other international fora.
  • This list is first about discussion, and exchange. Postings should not be only announcements of one’s own work; list members should also try to engage with what others post and say, either with comments or by posting related material.
  • To repeat, this list is about social and political movement. So please make this the focus of your posts. But if your post is about, say, some current political development, but where the relevance to social or political movement is not necessarily clear from the text you are posting, then please preface your post with a brief statement that draws out the relevance.
  • Respect for others: We in the WSMDiscuss team truly want to make and keep the list “an open, unmoderated, and self-organising forum”. But for it to be this, list members have to voluntarily want to be respectful towards each other. That is the minimum basis on which self-organisation takes place, and can take place. Towards this :
    • This list is for critical engagement with ideas and proposals, and for critical discussion and exchange. This might however sometimes involve criticism of the content of the posts that others make. But please make any such criticism you make as reasoned as possible, and please definitely keep away from personal (‘ad hominem’) attacks.
    • Please absolutely keep away from racist, casteist, sexist, or other discriminatory language.
    • Please do not use accusative, dismissive, or abrasive language in your posts.
    • Please restrain yourself in terms of the number of posts you do per day, to give space to others to post.
  • Posts can be in any mode : Prose, poetry, illustrations, photographs, and videos. But they should be about movement !
  • WSMDiscuss is an ‘international list’, meaning that it has members located in many parts of the world – or in other words, living and working in very different contexts and with different cultures of working and relating; and we also come from many different walks of life. Please therefore try and do posts that have some broader intercultural, transcommunal value, and please try and use language that is relatively easy to understand. (And if you are posting articles, then choose articles that are relatively easy to understand.)
  • Please always be aware that you've subscribed to a mailing list. This means that any message posted by any individual subscriber is sent to every other subscriber to the list — which is the intended function of a mailing list.
    • But on the other hand, this also means that message on the list is therefore not necessarily a message specifically to you personally, so you don't need to necessarily respond to it. (For your information, you can distinguish list messages from other more personal email by the presence of the list's prefix in brackets at the beginning of the Subject line of the message.)
  • When replying to a post, please avoid using the list for more personal comments really meant only for the person who has done the post; and please do not use the list for one-to-one exchange.
  • Please try and stay on topic! And try to respectfully engage with what others have said / have to say.
  • That while we as list members should be free to post Appeals on the list, all those who want to do so should PLEASE MAKE CLEAR on your / their posts that those who want to endorse the Appeal must write back to a specified eddress and NOT TO THE LIST.
  • And when endorsing, all list members should please also try and make sure that you do NOT post your endorsement back on to the list but either :
    • (a) To the name and eddress specified on the post (as requested in the point above), or -
    • (b) In case by chance there is no such name and eddress specified, then privately to the sender – and BEFORE you press Send please always check what is there in the ‘To’ box (and that you only have the name of the sender / poster there, and NOT of the list); and –
    • (c) NEVER TO THE LIST !
  • That as list members, we please do not post on this list as Bcc. If you are going to post on WSMDiscuss, please do so knowingly, and proudly and openly !
  • List members must not use this list to post messages such as invitations to LinkedIn? or other such networking media.
  • The majority of the listserve members are English speaking. Posts are welcome in other languages, but
    • a) the Subject should be in English, and
    • b) The post, if not in English, should ideally accompanied with a Google Translation in English – and at the minimum, there should at least be a brief summary of the post in English.
  • You are responsible for what you post!! The List Admin takes responsibility for any comments we make on any posting; but the opinions expressed by list members in their posts, and by authors in articles, reports, essays, or letters that are posted, do not necessarily reflect the list’s or the list administrator’s opinion.

As a subscriber to World Social Movement Discuss, please do try and observe all these points. There are of course many other aspects of what is called ‘list etiquette’, and many places you can consult to know more about this. A useful one, which we have also drawn on for our list as above, is (external link)

Thanks ! And we hope you enjoy your experience on World Social Movement Discuss !

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