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CACIM (external link), in collaboration with what was then called the ‘EIOS Collective’ (‘Explorations in Open Space’) , initiated a listserve named WSFDiscuss in 2005 to promote open debate and democracy in terms of views about and information on the World Social Forum and its politics.

Over the years, WSFDiscuss became a quite popular list, with extensive discussion of and posting on the World Social Forum, and also, increasingly from about 2008 on, a wide range of postings on other related social and political developments, including on the worldwide irruptions of anti-authoritarian and pro-democracy movements from 2011 on.

In order to reflect the wider landscape of the postings and discussions that have been taking place on the list, and also to address some severe technical problems we had been facing, WSFDiscuss has now, in 2017, been closed, and succeeded on a fresh server with a new list, World Social Movement Discuss, or WSMDiscuss.

Please subscribe to the revised and refreshed list World Social Movement Discuss by sending an empty mail to or by visiting the WorldSocialMovement-Discuss list information page

The archives of WSFDiscuss however, from 2005 through to May 2017, remain available @

And the archives of WSMDiscuss will be available @

See also: Posting Guidelines for the Mailing Lists

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