Are Other Worlds Possible? January 29, WSF 2005

Release of and seminar around Book One of the Are Other Worlds Possible? series, Talking New Politics, and the first screening of Taran Khan’s film Opening Space

Partnerships in the initiative: CACIM (Critical Action: Centre in Movement), New Delhi, India, alone, perhaps with Mundi, UK

Terrain: Autonomous thought, reappropriation and socialisation of knowledge and technologies

Key-words: Culture (counter-hegemony, cultural diversity, popular identity, commodification)

Summary of the core issues: Critical engagement with the concept of open space and of cultures of politics, and with the politics of the World Social Forum

Brief description on the programme: Launch of book Are Other Worlds Possible? Talking / Rethinking New Politics, edited by Jai Sen and Mayuri, published by Zubaan Books, New Delhi, India; Screening of film by Taran Khan, India, based on The Open Space Seminar Series organised in New Delhi, India, August-December? 2003, titled Opening Space. A seminar to explore and share understandings of cultures of politics, based on the essays in the book, the film, and related presentations.

Expected outcomes: A contribution to a deeper understanding of new politics and of the World Social Forum, and thereby a heightened ability to critically participate in the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre in January 2005 and beyond this, and more generally in academic and political debate and activity.

Languages: English

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