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Alternative summit on 20 May

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2 December 2006 – In June 2007, leaders of the richest countries will hold their G8 Summit in Germany. On Sunday 20 May, the Netherlands Social Forum (NSF) will organise an alternative ‘Summit from below’ in de Balie and the Barlaeus Gymnasium. Organisations such as Oxfam, Friends of the Earth and anti-nuclear energy organisation Wise will participate. Further, some foreign guests will be invited.

“The good thing about such meetings is that anybody can participate”, says René Danen of the NSF. There are constraints though. In total, 25 workshops and other meetings will be organised for 1,000 participants. At the NSF in Nijmegen in May this year, there were 175 meetings and 3,000 participants.

At the Summit from below, three themes will be discussed: climate change and energy; global poverty and neoliberal globalisation; and war, civil rights and racism.

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