What is the Regional Social Forum?

The Regional Social Forum (RSF) seeks to provide an open meeting space for all people, community groups and organizations open to exploring and committed to creating a just, peaceful, and sustainable world on personal, local and global dimensions. Many diverse members of civil society, mostly concentrated in the Mid-Western? Ontario region, have come together to create an annual regional social forum, inspired by the World Social Forum movements. Our hope is to provide the space and time to share ideas, information, experiences, and networks via various days of workshops, panels, conferences, presentations, testimonials, seminars, cultural and artistic performances/activities, film screenings, and other media of consciousness raising and social change. Through the sharing of holistic perspectives and the building of coalitions, the RSF hopes to invigorate our diverse movements, struggles, and hopes, as well as strengthen our commitment to social/ecological justice on micro- and macro-levels.

In learning from the global process into which the World Social Forum has grown, we seek to provide a positive, diverse, and creative space, which reconciles commonplace tensions between the ethics and the pragmatics of organizing for progressive social change. The RSF thus hopes to serve as a truly democratic framework for people-centred participation. By providing participants with the time and space for reflection and sharing, it strives to empower civil society in its commitment to the World Social Forum’s motto of ‘another world is possible’. Therefore, the Regional Social Forum seeks not only to provide an open space for the convergence of diverse social movements to share ideas, experiences, and networks, but also to provide an open space in which to live together in an ongoing effort to integrate our ethical commitments into daily aspects of our social and political lives; in short, to create a living manifestation of the community for which we strive, and not merely a statement of what we are struggling against . Through self-management and a participatory framework, we encourage participants and organizers to create a culture among us that overcomes the vertical politics of our world. That is, to transform the world through our daily actions and relationships with people and our environment, and thus strengthen our cooperation in a cultural and material way. The RSF hopes to serve as a daily challenge to each of us to assume responsibility in creating and sustaining another world far more just, peaceful, and ecologically sustainable. We hope to learn from the Intercontinental Youth Camp (IYC) of the World Social Forum in reconciling the tensions between how we think and how we live, in a “practical laboratory” that will hopefully intensify this ongoing process in each of us.


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