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This section of the webspace is to archive, reflect, and carry forward the discussions that were going on on the openspace_wsf2005 yahoogroup. Relevant and interesting postings from the yahoogroup will be posted here for archival purposes, and to enable focused discussion of some of the ideas posted there. This space can also be used to reflect on the experience of using the yahoogroup, and to post their slice of ideas they would like to explore going forward. While the yahoogroup might continue to be used for quick postings and sharing of ideas, hopefully this space will provide the opportunity to have more focused discussions on select topics and ideas posted there, and to provide some continuity to the varied threads.

This space is only open to existing members of the openspace_wsf2005 yahoogroup. New members will be added to this space only by invitation from existing members.

Suggestions to members of the yahoogroup for taking this forward

There are a couple of ways of proceeding:

  1. Create a wiki page for a posting you found interesting — other members can edit the page to reflect the evolving group understanding, or can add comments to the page. Then, please add a link to new page you created.
  2. Create a topic in the OpenSpace Yahoogroup Forum which can be subject to further discussion. Then, please add the name of the new topic you created.

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