Indian forum hails democrats' win

Prarthna Gahilote CNN-IBN Posted Friday , November 10, 2006 at 16:42 Updated Friday , November 10, 2006 at 18:48

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[IMAGE] OVERSEAS CELEBRATION: The Indian Social Forum in the Ctal

was seen celebrating the Democrats' win in the Congressional polls.

New Delhi: The anti-globalisation activists at the India Social Forum (ISF) collectively celebrated the victory of the Democrats in the US. And the timing for the five-day ISF celebration couldn't have been more conducive. "The World Social Forum is meeting in Delhi at a time when the Democrats are winning in America. There couldn't have been a more perfect timing," says Subhashini Ali, an activist.

While the activists celebrate with music, dance and some classic poetry from Shehreyar's golden pen, the message essentially is anti-Bush, anti-America. "This forum is a like opening a window. It will help us take a message back home to Palestine and also tell the people of India what our struggle is all about," says Palestinian activist, Eileen Kuttab.

Little wonder then that the Forum is already setting the tone for a new movement. What's more, this is the first ever All Women Panel in the World Social Forum's history.

Another world is possible - is not just a slogan for over 1,500 people gathered for the Forum, for them, it is a purpose and a goal that each one of them has set for themselves.

And with speakers like Eileen Kuttab from Palestine to Tulsi Mai from Orissa, the celeberation has just about begun.