India Social Forum hails Nepal's pro-democracy movement


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New Delhi, Nov 13: Pro-democracy activists from different countries, participating in Indian Social Forum in New Delhi, have praised Nepal's pro-democracy movement.

Leaders representing Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bhutan and Kenya said that the success of peoples movement in Nepal underlined their wish to continue their efforts to restore and strengthen democracy in their countries.

While speaking on topic "New Nepal Showing the Way", Karamat Ali, a leader who has been struggling to restore democracy in Pakistan, said, "I salute the people of Nepal for their courage and solidarity."

Ali, who is also Executive Director of Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research, said that people and political parties of Nepal have taught a new lesson to the world by exhibiting solidarity to fight against oligarchy.

Citing Pakistan's example, Ali said that it was disappointing that people of Pakistan have not been able to unite to fight against the military rule there.

"People of Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar must learn a lesson from Nepal," he said.

He also expressed his view that Nepal must rewrite its constitution to assure the fundamental rights to the Nepal.

Similarly, Dr Tint Swe, a leader who has been struggling to restore democracy in Myanmar for the last 15 years, wondered why it was not possible in his country.

Swe said that the success of peoples movement in Nepal has persuaded everyone.

"We must learn from the agreement clinched between the Seven Political Parties and the Maoists," he added.

Yahukara, a social activist from Kenya, also praised Nepalese people for their courage and patient.

Bhutan Druk Congress Rong president Thong Kinley Dorjee said, "Nepal has set an example. We want to thank and congratulate Nepal for showing us countries, who have been struggling to restore democracy in our respective countries, a novel path."