The article is concerned with issues of identity and the resonance that layers of being find across cultural / geographical contexts. It uses conversations between an Indian Muslim woman (the author), an indigenous Brazilian filmmaker and a French Muslim activist across two meetings of the WSF as a thread of enquiry into the many layers of identity. The article attempts to examine how open the Forum is to the expression of various expressions of identity – some being more comfortably received than others. Through the juxtaposition of images and experiences, the article hopes to offer an insight into the very nature of the networking sought to be achieved by the Forum. It seeks to demonstrate how three individuals whose only connection is the WSF move from being three points on a fragmented triangle to a trio, indicating how relationships can move from the ephemerality of the Forum to an enduring connection.

Bio note

Taran Khan is an independent filmmaker and writer currently based in Aligarh (India). She holds degrees in communication (Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi) and Development Studies (SOAS, London). Her work includes videos on the WSF process at Porto Alegre (2003) and Mumbai (2004). She is also researching narratives of women linked to Left-associated social movements in post-independence Mumbai. Her areas of interest include issues of gender, identity and the environment.

E-mail : taranus@rediffmail.com

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