13-15 Octubre, 2006. CD. Juárez, Chihuahua México


Border Social Forum
Assembly of Border Social Movements

Final Declaration

Ciudad Juárez, México • October 15, 2006

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We the women, men, youth, Indigenous Peoples and Nations, social organizations, unions, farmers, promoters of human rights and defenders of environmental justice in the border states of Mexico and the United States, and many more, have gathered in this border space to assert our will to do away with borders.

We are part of the formidable force of struggle and hope that came about throughout the world with the initial World Social Forum in Porto Alegre in 2001. The World Social Forum is part of a social movement against the neo liberal agenda, the modern form of colonialism and imperialism. We are citizens of the planet and as such we are the bearers of a set of economic, social, political, cultural and environmental rights, which all in authority must uphold equally for all people regardless of our age, gender, social class, ethnicity or migratory status.

Here, from this place of gathering we would like first and foremost to call public attention to a series of offenses, abuses and threats:

• We denounce the femicide and daily violence against women throughout this region as a manifestation of a sexist and exploiting culture brought about by those who command the model of industrialization, the brutal urban development and the depredation that has been imposed on this border.

• We denounce the construction of the Wall of Death by the war mongering and authoritarian government of George W. Bush. Walls are symbols of supremacy by the dominant powers: they are projects to divide and isolate exploited peoples from resources necessary for their survival, and to expel them from their lands using methods characteristic of the most primitive form of capitalism.

• We denounce the classist and racist character of the delayed, timid, limited and petty reaction by the authorities of both Mexico and the United States, respectively, in dealing with the families and individuals devastated by Hurricane Katrina in the New Orleans region of Louisiana and the victims of the flooding last summer in the region of Ciudad Juárez in Chihuahua.

• We denounce the actions of multinational agribusiness corporations and those governments that support them, and of the multilateral organizations such as the World Trade Organization, and we denounce the free trade agreements that attempt to do away with the food sovereignty of nations and peoples.

• We denounce the militarization of the US-Mexico border as an authoritarian and racist act that criminalizes migrants and forces them to risk their lives to enter the US, and which provokes divisions and violence between US citizens and immigrants. We denounce the mistreatment of Central Americans in Mexico.

• We denounce the multiple forms of exploitation to which thousands are subjected by the companies, the authorities and the anti-democratic unions that do not defend the rights of these workers.

• We denounce the destruction of nature, the desertification, the depletion of the water reserves, the forests, the land, and biodiversity due to the predatory and patriarchal acts of the capitalist system.

• We denounce the North American Alliance for Security and Prosperity and the Panama Puebla Plan as the most recent mechanisms put in place to consolidate the neoliberal project in North America. We shall continue to oppose these with all the strength of the united people.

The proposals and immediate commitments that we as the Border Social Forum are prepared and obliged to carry out in order to build a better world are:

1) We shall include the topic of women as transversal in each and every one of the topics of global struggle. We will articulate this within all of our struggles for justice against the unjust, patriarchal capitalist model. It is imperative that gender define itself as an expression of sexuality and that the rights to self definition and free exercise of individual sexuality be respected. We shall work so that sufficient and adequate information on sexual and reproductive rights be known to all.

2) We will support the campaign against the multinational corporation Kimberly Clark and its partner Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner, the main promoter of the anti-immigrant legislation in Washington.

3) We will put in action all measures necessary to ensure that women of all ages be given a guarantee to live a life free of violence. 4) We declare that water is a human right and we commit to fight in order to prevent its privatization.

5) We will fight to legislate in favor of Citizen Observer commissions as mechanisms of vigilance and a guarantee for justice, and for all other mechanisms that promote citizen participation in decision making processes.

6) We reject the militarization of the border, a form of low intensity warfare characterized by vigilante actions, raids at immigrant detention centers, and the use of modern technology on the border. We also reject repressive laws such as 4437 that seek to criminalize immigrants.

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