Forum for Border Free World

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Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Oct 16 (Prensa Latina) Over 150 organizations from Mexico and the US agreed to join efforts to achieve a better world, free of borders that separate people.

The First Social Border Forum gathered in Juarez near 850 organizations plus guests from Cuba, Canada and Puerto Rico, and passed a 23-point Final Declaration on October 15.

A key agreement reached was to pull down old and new walls built at the common border by the US and Israel to separate the peoples and fight the silence US power circles impose on the Cuban Five case.

The Cuban anti-terrorists have been serving long, unfair terms in US jails for eight years due to a biased trial held in Miami.

The Forum discussed US Federal immigration law enforcement via low-intensity war on illegal immigrants making them more vulnerable to ruthless exploitation and increased border militarization.

The Forum will promote Latino desertion from the US Army and setting up city networks against labor abuse plus demand for fair treatment and working conditions.

Further effort demand food sovereignty as farmers like Mexico s have been ruined by free trade pacts, and secure human rights like health, education and access to water by blocking privatizations.

The Border Social Forum also agreed to fight for the rights of women by repudiating violence and discrimination.