RSF Charter of Principles

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I. The RSF serves as an open meeting space in which all participants, unified by their hopes to create a just, peaceful, and sustainable world, are provided with an opportunity to share diverse ideas, experiences, and networks. The aim of the Forum is not to promote a singular ideological, political, or religious agenda nor to establish universal consensus among participants, but rather to enrich personal, local, and global contributions to the another-world movements.

II. The RSF empowers civil society to explore creative alternatives to the contemporary world order/disorder, which subordinates social and environmental well-being to substantively undemocratic institutions, governments, and multinational corporations that operate in the interests of a powerful and affluent minority.

III. The RSF facilitates networking among groups and individuals so as to open new possibilities for future collaborative efforts; however, no actions or statements are taken directly on behalf of the RSF. Spontaneous social actions are, nonetheless, encouraged.

IV. To support fruitful dialogue in the context of our diversity, everyone must respect the following ethical principles of conduct:

• Non-hateful, non-violent, and non-discriminatory behaviour and speech • Respect for human dignity and deep listening • Critiques should be well informed and aimed at constructing progressive alternatives

Another world is possible..