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Toward Progressive Social & Ecological Change

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June 1st-4th, 2006, London, Ontario

Second annual grassroots initiative to provide an open meeting space for progressive

individuals & community groups to dialogue & network on local/global justice and peace issues

June 1-4, 2006, the Regional Social Forum (RSF) will provide an open meeting space for progressive individuals and community groups open to exploring and committed to creating a just, peaceful, and sustainable world on personal, local and global dimensions. Through the sharing of holistic perspectives and the building of coalitions, the RSF hopes to invigorate diverse social/ecological movements, as well as to strengthen our commitment to social/ecological justice. Many diverse members of civil society, mostly concentrated in South-Western? Ontario, have come together to create an annual regional social forum, inspired by the World Social Forum movement.

The Forum will provide the space and time to share ideas, information, experiences, and networks via four days of workshops, roundtables, testimonials, cultural and artistic performances/activities, film screenings, and other media of consciousness raising, dialogue, and progressive social change. Our Opening Ceremonies will take place on Friday, June 2nd in the evening and our Closing Ceremonies will take place on the afternoon of Sunday, June 4th. A detailed programme – including information on these ceremonies, our keynotes, major roundtables, etc. – will be available on our website in May 2006.

The Forum will engage with participants on personal, local, and global dimensions through exploring the following thematic areas: Imperialism, Patriarchy, Violence & Resistance; Gender, ‘Race’, Diversity & Equality; Social Justice & Democratization; Human Rights & Responsibilities; Economic Justice and Labour Rights; Ecological Justice & the Commons; Culture, Power & the Media; and Progressive Social Movements & Community Building. Andrea Browning, the co-general facilitator of the RSF organizing committees, affirms that “the Regional Social Forum hopes to serve as a truly democratic framework for people-centred participation. By providing participants with the time and space for reflection and sharing, it strives to empower civil society in its commitment to the World Social Forum’s motto of another world is possible.”

“Our society typically defines activists and radical thinkers by what they are against, and ignores what they are actually struggling for. But struggles against injustice don't have any life if they are not motivated by a deep, abiding hope that our world can be organized in far more equitable, democratic, and ecologically sane ways than it is now. The World Social Forum movement is all about nourishing this hope, and making sure that as we learn more about different problems we also keep our attention fixed on how alternatives can and are being put into practice," added another member of the organizing committee, Dr. Tony Weis, assistant professor at the University of Western Ontario.

There are no costs to attend the Forum; online pre-registration is encouraged. Tenting and child (care) spaces are also available free of cost on our beautiful site, 531 Windermere Road, London. Healthy meals will also be provided at minimal (suggested) costs on site. On London bus route.

For more information regarding the Regional Social Forum – to register as a participant,

workshop facilitator, or performer; to access our programme; to volunteer; or to donate to the Forum – please visit our website at or email us at


Andrea Browning and Lorraine McNeil? Regional Social Forum Co-General? Facilitators 2006

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Tel (home): 519 433 1768 or 519 474-3545


14 March 2006