Monday, July 31, 2006

Speak Poem - Another World Is Possible

Alice Lovelace

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From the Theatre Communications Group and The US Social Forum — Woodruff Arts Center Rich Auditorium Saturday, June 10, 2006

“Global Organizing through the World Social Forum process”

A speak poem constructed by Alice Lovelace from a speech by Candido Grzybowski, one of the founders of the World Social Forum

Candido Said……

Another World is Possible each January an open space to socially engage and pursue change experiment in political practice, gather in opposition to global market liberalism opposition to the idea of organizing around capital—we organize around people facilitate decentralized action for a global civil society.

A civic society movement making clear our position as we fight against globalization—controlling life, breaking the future fighting debt and trade liberalization, attacks on the environment, human rights, women’s rights.

Seattle was a break through to stop the World Trade Organization a new context, which gave rise to the World Social Forum— a world economic forum in opposition to global control by corporations.

Now we say—how arrogant!

We feel we can do better than they do so we carry the process around the world. We start something that is about mobilization of society and a shift in economy, power, culture. The task is to democratically define a new world with people at the center.

We organize to put together people divide by culture, language, distance in order to work on common problems like water, land, wages— we join our struggles and campaigns pressing against a global monopoly. We fight for respect for future generations and human rights for all.

What kind of world do we want? A world as diverse as we are. Organizing where we live because all our possibilities are different. Different ideas, all legitimate, making coalitions. Not the forum, but the people joining together around our shared values with human beings in the center—world citizenship—we are together!

We are inventing ourselves—the world cannot come to the forum, but the forum can go to the world! Change from the bottom up. Come together, exchange ideas, and debate change. Build a permanent world process—a global civil society where we work locally, but we live globally.

Another World is Possible. Believe it!

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