Puerto Rico Social Forum - October 10: deadline for activities registration

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The deadline for activities registration at Puerto Rico Social Forum is October 10.

PRSF will be held from November 17 to 19, 2006, at Puerto Rico, at University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras.

Thematic axles:

The thematic axles are means of content from wich PRSF its organised. In these axles will be held the activities registered. Notice that the Forum is a space of democratic reflection, ideas in-depth, experiences exchange, interlink of social mouvements in networks and proposals bulding.

1. Diversity and Human Rights 2. Alternative economy, labour and capital 3. Liveable spaces, power and social changes 4. Democracy, social mouvements and neoliberalism 5. Culture, media and education 6. Peace mouvements faced with militarism and war 7. Enviroment and sustainability 8. Spirituality, ethics and subjectivity bulding

Transversal axles:

The transversal axles are subjetics that should be present at the other thematic axles and they are threads or interlink bridges among them.

- Democratisation - Youth - Gender - Violence