Atlanta’s Forum demands a better world

By: Idania Rodriguez Echevarria

@ http://www.tribuna.co.cu/patriotas/solidaridad/junio07/foro(ingles)28.htm (external link)

Havana, June 27.- The principle A Better World is Possible, Another United Status is Necessary, ill encourage from today up to the first of July in the Social Forum of Atlanta, with the presence of thousand of persons from social organizations of this country and other parts of the world. (CNA) Alicia Jrapko, president of the Solidarity with The Five group in the United States reports, this Wednesday, in the web page Antiterroristas.cu, that this is the first Forum where there will gather persons from all parts of this country to share experiences and design future plans.

She added that the Forum started with a march, as a demonstration of the force of the social movements, and there is going to be demanded a change in the life conditions of the great majorities, victims of the new liberal policy imposed by the government of the USA.

The following days, she dais, will be hold popular assemblies, meetings, besides 900 workshops, cultural events, and many other activities. The demand for the immediate release of The five, she pointed out, will be present in banners that are going to be hoisted on the ways of Atlanta, meanwhile, solidarity North American groups will hold information tables and other communicative modalities about the unjust and arbitrary process followed against Ramon Labañino, Rene Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez.

She remarked that even though Cuba has been present in the World Social Forums and the Unites States’ policy towards the island, limits a greater attendance of the Cubans, it is the first time that themes related to the greatest of the West Indies will have a space in this Social Forum inside the USA. Thousand of persons, she specified, will hear about the great advances of the Cuban women, the existence of the Latin American Science School in Cuba and the special treatment that the government of the White House gives to the notorious terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, as well as the objectives and negative consequences that Bush Plan represents for the Cubans among other things.

She underlined, as well, that in the majority the information Medias of the great corporations are still silencing the case of The Five Cubans, and however she considers that nothing would stop the link that the social movements will establish and those who are demanding the freedom of those heroes and a better world.

The idea to create a reflection and debate forum among wide movements and social actors immerged with the massive protests anti globalization that has shaken the United States and Europe in 2000 against the report of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB), which governs the destinies of the world’s economy.

To these actions followed the great popular demonstrations in Seattle (USA), after the meeting of the World commerce Organization, which was held on November 1999. The rebellious echoes to the adjusted policies of the IMF and the WB were heard in Washington and Prague.

Since the beginning on January 2001, the Social World Forum (SWF) was conceived as an opposition party of the Economic Forum of Davos, that is why it is going to be held simultaneously in a Third World nation, due to its profound symbolism.