IC Berlin 2007 Agenda

@ http://www.nigd.org/nan/nan-doc-store/05-2007/ic-berlin-2007-agenda (external link)

The Brazilian Collective Responsible for WSF Office put forward the following agenda for the WSF International Council meetings in Berlin:

  • May 29th (morning) – from 10 am – noon

Accreditation, payment of the solidarity fund, IC Working Groups and Commissions meetings

  • May 29th (evening) – from 2 to 6 pm

Seminar on WSF assessment

  • May 30th and 31st- from 9 am to 7 pm
    • Presentation, agenda approval, information from WGs and


    • WSF process in 2008 towards 2009
    • Expansion
    • Facilitation
    • Communication
    • Resources
    • Debate and next steps
  • On the night of 29th, it was arranged by the local host organisations a

meeting with Karin Kortmann, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, from 6 pm to 8h30 pm, with IC members. The proposal is that she gives a brief presentation on Germany government's position for G-8 meeting and then open a round for questions and comments made by IC members.

  • German organisations also booked a slot for an workshop at the G-8

alternative meeting's program (from June 5th to 7th), in Rostock. We could take advantage of this space to organise a dissemination activity about WSF process in 2008.

It is in charge of IC to decide the activity format. We suggest that the Strategy Commission prepare a proposal. We should know who from IC will be in Germany up to those dates.

  • Other moments that could be used for the mobilisation towards WSF 2008:

- Assembly of Social Movements (June 1st, Rostock) - Assembly of the Youth for the right to land and the right to farming (June 2nd, Rostock)

  • Everybody probably knows that a huge anti-G-8 demonstration is scheduled

for June 2nd, Saturday, in Rostock (it takes 3 hours to reach there by train from Berlin)

WSF office in Brazil is systematising an agenda of events that will take place simultaneously to the demonstrations against G-8, and soon will circulate that on the IC lists, as well as disseminate through the website. Organisations interested in include its event in this agenda can send the information to IC list or to the email .