WSF Process – Calendar of Mobilisations towards 2009 Mobilization Calendar

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15 to 17: La Paz – Bolivia. Taller Seminar 'Plural States: the building of proposals of Indigenous peoples to be incorporated into National Constitutions'. CAOI. ( )
24: Lima – Peru. Launching of Embracing Alternatives 3. ( )
23 to 26: México D.F. International Gathering. Panel about the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America of the four North American Networks. (, (external link) ; (external link); (external link) )
26: Global Day of Action - WSF 2008 (take a look at the activities on the website (external link))
26: March in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.


9 and 10: Roma – Italy. Organizational meeting of the EA3. (external link)
25 to 29: Brussels. Second Round of Negotiations AdA Central American – EU.
27 to 29: San Salvador – El Salvador. Organizational Meeting of the ASF. (external link)


5: Washington – United States. Seminar: "Links between Agriculture, Development and Migration: a critical view on the NAFTA. Past, present and future. George Washington University.
6 and 7: Washington - USA. Strategy meetings about NAFTA and Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.
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7 to 10: United States. Ecumenical Advocacy Days. Activities against the Free Trade Agreement.
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08: International Day of Women
31 to April 2nd: WSF International Council Meeting, Nigeria
12 to 13: Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Union of South American Nations Seminar: interests in dispute (external link)
13 and 14: Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Union of South American Nations' Participants Meeting. (external link)
27 to 29: Panama City - Panama. Foundation Congress of the American Trade Unions' Confederation. (external link)
27-29: II Social Forum Burkina in Ouahigouya. «Regional Integration and food sovereignty».


7 to 11: Hemispheric Meetings against Alca, Havana, Cuba American SF Methodology Working Group Meeting (parallel to the meeting of 7 to 11) 4 to 8: Miami – USA. BID's annual meeting. (external link)
5 and 6: Managua – Nicaragua. Central America Forum's committee Meeting.
7 to 11: Resistance Week against the EU's Free Trade Agreement. (Brussels, Amsterdam and other EU capitals). OWINFS (Our World Is Not For Sale), TNI and EA.
11 to 13: Caracas - Venezuela. Global Peace Conference. (external link)
9 to 11: Havana – Cuba. VII Hemispheric Meeting on the struggle against the Free Trade Agreement and for the people's integration. (external link)
12 to 13: Washington – USA. WBG Meeting – FMI.
14 to 18: Brasília – Brazil. FAO's Regional Conference in Latin America.
14 to 18: Brasília – Brazil. Consult on food sovereignty. Via Campesina. (external link)
12: San Salvador – El Salvador. Central American Networks' meeting EU-CAN.
14 to 18: San Salvador – El Salvador. III Negotiation Round AdA Central America – EU.
17: International Peasant's Struggle Day . Via campesina. (external link)
17 to 19: Accra – Ghana. Civil Society Meeting. UNCTAD.
20 to 25: Accra – Ghana. XII United Nations Conference on Trade and Development .〈=3 (external link)
21 and 22: New Orleans – USA. Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Official Summit Meeting. New Orleans – USA. North American Peoples Summit.
21 to 25: Quito – Ecuador. III Round of Negotiations, Treats and Associations AN-EU. (external link)


1: International labor Day
14 to 17: Lima – Peru. People's Summit - EA3. (external link) Lima – Peru. Agriculture and Commerce Working Group Meeting. Lima – Peru. II ASC Women Committee Meeting .
17 to 18: Frankfurt – Germany. Globalization and Work Network. WSF. (external link)
19 to 30: Bonn – Germany. UN's International Conference about Biological Diversity and the Cartagena Protocol about biosecurity.


5 to 7: Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil - Three Borders Landmark Social Forum
7 to 9: Hokkaido - Japan. Mobilizations Parallel to the G8 Summit. OWINFS, Via Campesina.
28th of June to 5th of July: Havana – Cuba. IV Caribean People Assembly.


18 ant 19: Nicaragua. Latin-American? Meeting of High school Students (FES).
21 to 23: People's Permanent Court. Colombia.
28 to 30: Managua – Nicaragua: Central American Forum.


7: Crive of the Excluded (Brazil)
11-13: III Migrations World Social Forum, to take place in Riva-Vacia?, Madrid, Spain.
17 to 21: European Social Forum in Malmö, Suécia


II Hemispheric Meeting on Militarization Honduras, October, 2008.

7 to 12: III Americas Social Forum, Guatemala City, Guatemala
11 to13: Washington – USA. WBG's annual meeting – FMI.
12: Indigenous Resistance Day. CAOI, Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador.
12: Managua – Nicaragua. Latin-American? Audience of the People's Permanet Tribunal about historic, ecological and social debt.
12 to 19: Global Week of Action against the Debt and the IFIs.
15 to 17: Beijing – China. Asian Forum – Europe.
17 to 23: Mozambique. V Via Campesina Congress. (external link)


28- 30: Amazon Social Movements Assembly in Belém.
Lima – Peru. Leaders Summit of the Asian Economic Cooperation Forum - Pacific – APEC. (external link)


Brazil. South Peoples Summit. Date yet to be defined.