'The Right to Self-determination of the Eelam Tamils' was discussed at World Social Forum in Brazil

Posted on February 2nd, 2009 | Diaspora, Sri Lanka News

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The 8th session of the World Social Forum ended on Sunday, after six days of discussions and protests in Belem, Brazil. The WSF is an open space - plural, diverse, non-governmental and non-partisan - that stimulates decentralized debate, reflection, new proposals, sharing of experiences and building of alliances among movements and organizations engaged in concrete actions towards a more democratic and fair world and greater solidarity.

The WSF shows the mobilization capacity of civil society, when organized in new forms of political action, based on diversity and co-responsibility. According to the organisers of the WSF, about one hundred thousand participants from more than a hundred and fifty countries are taking part in this forum in Belem.

The organisations taking part in the WSF are active in the fields of Economic, Social, Cultural, Political and Religious Rights, Human Rights, Development issues, Academic studies and there are also many other solidarity organisations.

About twenty organisations from stateless nations and peoples are taking part in the WSF to make their reality and struggle for self-determination visible to other global movements and organisations.

Various meetings, seminars, round tables and workshops are taking place on the collective rights of peoples and nations without a state, with emphasis on their right to self-determination. Several Tamil representatives from various countries are participating in the WSF.

In the WSF, the Tamil Centre for Human Rights organised a meeting on the subject of 'The Human Rights situation and the Right to Self-determination of the Eelam Tamils'. Many representatives from Palestine, Western Sahara, Kurdistan, Catalonia, Basque country and from many other solidarity organisations, participated in this meeting.

The Tamil representatives have high-lighted the present plight of the Eelam Tamils, bringing it to the urgent attention of the participants of this Forum.

On 29 January, Presidents of Brasil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Lula, Venezuela Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Bolivia, Fernando Lugo of Paraguay, and Rafael Correa of Ecuador have participate in a seminar along with a Brazilian delegation of 13 Ministers.