From 9am-12am

Assemblies according to specific themes

- UFRA Territory -

Together for Climate Justice in Copenhagen - Tenda Multiuso 2

Assembly on human rights - Tenda Direitos Humanos

Assembly on the Collective Rights of Peoples - Tenda dos Povos sem Estado

Assembly "Crisis in Civilization, Living Well and Collective Rights" - Tenda Indigena

General assembly against war, military bases, militarism and nuclear weapons - Tenda Multiuso 1

Pan-Amazonian? Assembly -Tenda Pan Amazônia

Facing the crise, developing the Social Forum as a permanent process from the propositions - Salão Verde

Assembly Sciences and Democracy - Auditório da Prefeitura

Assembly on Negros in the 2009 WSF - Tenda Afro-negritude

Assembly on Women - Tenda Multiuso 4

For a World Without Debt: Audit and Reparations Now - Tenda Multiuso 3

Network of inter-communication and good experiences - Predio central - Sala de Desenho

Towards Globalising the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Predio central - Anfiteatro

World assembly of the united international network of human rights - Tenda Reforma Urbana

Struggle against corruption and impunity - Predio Central - COO2

Justice for the Amazon - Tenda dos Povos da Floresta

- UFPA Territory -

World Forum of Education - Tenda Cuba 50 anos

For alternatives to security-based migration policies - Auditório do CAPACIT

For a global response to the financial crisis - Auditório do ICJ

Culture and education for transformation - Tribunal do Juri

Alternatives for the protection of the Amazonian ecosystems - Auditório de Reitoria

Labour in the global crisis - Tenda Mundo do Trabalho

2.30PM - Assembly of the Assemblies - Local: Main stage in the UFRA