(This is a rough translation, courtesy Google, prepared by CACIM in India (www.cacim.net) of the original document in Spanish, published by CAOI.)

Proposal from CAOI on a Minga for Mother Earth and a Forum on the Civilisational Crisis and Alternative Paradigms

(Rabat, May 8 2009)

1. Minga en Defensa de la Madre Tierra y los Pueblos
(Minga in Defence of Pachamama, Mother Earth, and her Peoples)
(and where ‘Minga’ means communitarian, collective, joint, and solidarious work or action)
1. Mobilization in Defence of Mother Earth and the People, the Commodification of Life, Social Control, and Social Criminalization

Rationale:The possibility that there are only 10 to 15 years to stop the sources of global warming before it is irreversible and profound alteration hecatomb global climatic and environmental forces the indigenous movement / original launch an intense struggle in alliance with the broader social movements, such as farmers, environmentalists, women, human rights, labour, youth, intellectuals, artists, critics and alternative media. This is not a simple "change" but a real climate disaster. It is not something natural and inevitable ", nor the only exits are" adapted "to seek compensatory crumbs or illusion with the unfulfilled promises of the UN and the Kyoto Protocol. Is a social, structural, with political power in the capital, determined to sacrifice the planet to lower its earnings before the oil, consumerism or agrofuels. No "adaptation" or technocratic illusions processes, could prevent the catastrophe that is underway. Then the fight is unavoidable, a diverse and global mobilization, aimed at stopping the engines of this disaster, which are converted to all life forms into commodities, impunity for the extraction and transgenic contamination, the imposition of imaginary toxic consumerism. All these expressions of capitalist power, the transnational and international technocracies; not hesitate to criminalize social and indigenous movements that defy the pattern of power that leads to planetary suicide. That's why we call this global Minga in Defence of Mother Earth and People.

Date:12-16 October 2009. Starts 12 days of the so-called "Hispanic", starting from the conquest ethnocide and converted into Indian uprising against capitalism that destroys the planet and ends on 16 days of fighting for food sovereignty by the Landless Movement, Brazil's MST and Via Campesina.


  • Defence of Mother Earth, Pachamama, of life on Earth, all forms of life, threatened by capitalism.
  • Against Capitalist aggression expressed in the Commodification of Life, especially the Earth, Water, Oxygen, Forests, Biodiversity, Biopiracy, agrofuels, Transgenic
  • Pollution caused by the extractive industries (mining, hydrocarbons, timber, fishing) and the toxic (waste, junk food, bird flu)

Actions from Monday 12 to Friday October 16 2009

  • Statement in Spanish and English, the greatest diversity of indigenous organizations and social movements, with options to stop global climate and environmental disaster.
  • Memorial with concrete proposals to the Climate Change Convention, Biodiversity Convention, UN, Inter-American? Commission on Human Rights and similar bodies from other continents.
  • A poster in Spanish and English
  • Demonstrations in cities and urban communities and rural areas of the world, demands for specific local, national and the common goal of global Minga
  • Front offices of the UN Transnational extractive (oil, mining, timber, water) and agrofuel, transgenic;
  • Forums and conferences on cultural and political defence of Mother Earth and the People Against Commodification of Life, Pollution and Criminalization.
  • Make Climate Justice Courts, in coordination with the Foundation of Bolivia Solon, Climate Action, Friends of the Earth and other allies.
  • Assemblies of joint strategies towards the Kyoto Protocol conference in December 2009 in Copenhagen
  • Installation on Web IOCT section devoted to reporting on the local 12 to October 16, including documents, photos, videos, interviews, either live or later.
2. Forum on “Global Civilisational Crisis, Decolonised Power, Living Well (‘Buen Vivir’), and Alternative Paradigms”

Rationale:It is synthesized in the agreement of the Assembly on 1 February 2009 at the WSF 2009 which states that capitalism colonial / modern was begun centuries ago and imposed on the American continent with the invasion of October 12, 1492 . This began the comprehensive looting and invented the theories of "race" to justify ethnocide American, the incursion into Africa to the slave trade and looting of other continents. These genocides have continued and are held in power by transnational capital and military support. This exploitation / oppression produces global capitalist global warming which leads to planetary suicide.

This crisis of capitalist development model, Eurocentric, sexist and racist is total and leads to greater socio-environmental climate crisis in human history. The financial crisis, economic, energy, increases the production of structural unemployment, social exclusion, violence, racist, sexist and religious fanaticism, all together at once. So many and so deep crisis at the same time constitute a real crisis of capitalist civilization, the crisis of "development and the modern capitalist" endangering all life forms.

The crisis of capitalist civilization requires us to rebuild and reinvent, and new options for coexistence between nature and society, democracy, state consumption. Urgent new paradigms of civilization and in this context, not just "another world is possible", but they are urgent, and furthermore, are already being built from the first victims of the most barbaric violence of the capitalist / colonial / modern and contemporary : indigenous peoples and communities, Origin, Farmers, riparian Quilombolas, African, Garifuna, Caboclos, Dalits, among others, and their children who migrated to the slums / Fabela poor cities, and all other excluded and invisible " untouchables "in the world who continue to resist, to strengthen and update alternative forms of civilization and social organization, technological, ethical, political, economic, cultural and spiritual human existence. Thus social and indigenous movements in the world, convened in the World Social Forum in Belem Promote the exchange agreed to rebuild, reinvent and articulate new values, structures or paradigms of civilization in that direction and co-organize a Social Forum 2010 on the Theme of Crisis Western Capitalist Civilization, Decolonisation, Demercantilisation of Life, Living Well, and Collective Rights.

Objectives of the Forum:

  • To deepen the analysis of the crisis of Western civilization and its capitalist crises overlapping in terms of food, energy, financial, environmental, and cultural, among others.
  • Develop learning from international experiences and specific social program strategies on decolonisation of power and knowledge, self-community, multi-state, demercantilisation of life, good life, common good, collective rights, among other alternative paradigms.
  • Organizing a process of action and reflection, community and global, collective and exchanges for the construction of alternative paradigms.

Implementation of the Forum:

  • Within the framework of the World Social Forum 2010 and as part of its activities
  • Preparations for the systematization of experiences, exchange of documents and discussion meetings during 2009.
  • Conduct during the first quarter of 2010
  • In Peru, Bolivia or any other country in the Andean region
  • Preliminary Agenda:
    • Crisis of Western Civilization and Capitalist Crisis entrecruce Environmental

Food, Energy, Water, and Cultural Production

    • The Decolonisation of Knowledge and Power
    • Collective Rights, the multinational and community self
    • Demercantilisation of Life, Property, and Common Good Living
    • Climate Justice and Climate Catastrophe
  • Three days with the following preliminary structure:
    • Middle panel
    • Thematic Working Groups
    • Organization of Forum 2011 and follow-up during 2010.

Participants in the Proposal for a

Minga for Mother Earth and a Forum on the Civilisational Crisis, Living Well, and Alternative Paradigms

Indigenous Movements :
CAOI, Coordinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indígenas
ECUARUNARI, Confederación de Pueblos de la Nacionalidad Kichwa del Ecuador
ONIC, Organización Nacional Indígena de Colombia
CONACAMI, Confederación Nacional de Comunidades del Perú Afectadas por la Minería
CONAMAQ, Consejo Nacional de Ayllus y Markas del Qollasuyu (Bolivia)
ONPIA, Organización Nacional de Pueblos Indígenas de Argentina
Identidad Lafkenche (Chile)
Parlamento Mapuche (Chile)
Convergencia Nacional Maya Wakib Kej
ANAMEBI, Asociación Nacional de Maestros en Educación Bilingüe del Perú
Consejo Nórdico Same
Indian Law Resources Center
CONAIE, Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador
CONIC, Coordinadora Nacional Indigena y Campesina
CONAVIGUA, Coordinadora Nacional de Viudas de Guatemala
CUC, Comité de Unidad Campesina de Guatemala
Consejo de Pueblos de la Comunidad San Marcos
ARPI, Asociación Regional de Pueblos Indígenas de la Selva Central (Perú)
MCP, Movimiento Cumbre de los Pueblos
CAH, Consejo Aguaruna y Huambisa
CRIC, Consejo Regional Indígena del Cauca
AICO, Autoridades Indígenas de Colombia
OPIAC, Organización de Pueblos Indígenas de la Amazonia Colombiana
Organización Indígena Kankuamo
CRIDEC, Consejo Regional Indigena de Caldas
OIA, Organización Indígena de Antioquia
ORIVAC, Organización Regional Indígena del Valle del Cauca
CNA, Confederación Nacional Agraria
FDCC, Federación Departamental Campesina del Cusco
Lucha Indígena
Agencia Internacional de Prensa Indígena, AIPIN (México)
Confederación de Mujeres Campesinas Indígenas Originarias Bartolina Sisa (Bolivia)
Red Juvenil TINKUY
Frente de Defensa y Lucha Campesina y Mapuche de la Patagonia (Argentina)
Mesa Nacional Indígena de Costa Rica
Coordinadora del Pueblo Chorotega (Nicaragua)

Social Movements :

CIEMENS, Naciones Sin Estado
CACIM, India Institute for Critical Action : Centre in Movement
Universidad Popular de Movimientos Sociales
FAOR, Foro Amazonia Oriental (Brasil)
Movimiento Decrecita
Foro Amazonia Norte Brasil
ATTAC Brasil
ATTAC Francia
Amigos de la Tierra-Internacional
Amigos de la Tierra- Suecia
CEADESC, Centro de Estudios Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales (Bolivia)
FASE, Solidaridad y Educación (Brasil)
SAL, Solidaridad Suecia América Latina
Movimiento ARCI (Italia)
TCOE - Trust for Community Outreach and Education ( Sudáfrica)
Instituto Brasilero de Analisis Social, Económico (IBASE)
Movimiento ASUD (Italia)
Asamblea por los Derechos Colectivos (Pueblos Kurdo, Vasco, Catalán, Amazigh, Palestina, Gallego y otros)

[This translation prepared CACIM 250509]