As someone who has been writing about and involved with the ‘new internationalisms’ for some decades now,* I welcome Michael Albert’s essay on a new international, entitled, simply, ‘Fifth International?’ (external link) viewArticle/23692 (Appendix A). This has now been firmed up as a publicly endorsable project at (external link) Although I have myself endorsed the project, this comment is addressed primarily to the original paper. Michael’s paper follows on experience with 1) the Brazilian PTsponsored Sao Paulo Forum of Left LatinAmerican? parties (1990), of 2) the World Social Forum since 2001, 3) initiatives of the Marxist politicaleconomist, Samir Amin, in or around the World Social Forum, and 3) that of President Hugo Chavez (leader not only of the ‘21st Century Socialist’ state of Venezuela but also of its new political party, the PSUV).

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