Since WSF 2001 ended, one of the main goals of the Organizing Committee is multiplying Social Forums in the most diverse regions and with the most different debates. In order to do so, different types of meetings have been set up.

Regional and Thematic Social Forums

They are part of World Social Forum mundialization process and are followed by the WSF International Council. They are called “regional” because they take place at a macro-regional level. They follow the methodology and political criteria that the WSF Charter of Principles have set and they aim to make World Social Forum closer to the reality of social movements and entities around different regions worldwide and vice-versa. For instance, there are European, Pan-Amazonian? and Americas Social Forums.

The Thematic Social Forums aim to meet the needs of deepening debates of specific issues that the WSF International Council sees as priorities. For instance, Argentina Thematic Social Forum (in 2002), and Thematic World Social Forum: Democracy, Human Rights, War and Traffic, the latter held in Colombia, in 2003.